no kidding! "The Great Wall" Jing Tian's works, Zhang Yimou is just a part-time worker!

Lea 2022-04-19 09:01:50

Good! very nice! ! Zhang Yimou's best film, the pinnacle of work, the kind that die without regrets! !


In the play, she saved the world! Off-screen, she is the hope of the entire Chinese film industry.

The stars hold the moon. Domestic bacon, fresh meat, Hollywood first-line stars, film and television song Sanxi beautiful boy, Hollywood special effects team, the world's top screenwriters, national treasure-level directors, Hong Kong and Taiwan kings, Hollywood production companies, all are the green leaves of Jingtian. The Academy Award for Best Actress is not far away.

With so many stars piled up, it doesn't affect the development of the story if anyone's scenes are cut, only Jing Tian is indispensable.

"The Great Wall" is a scene of sweetness inside and out.

Jingtian panorama, Jingtian medium shot, Jingtian close-up, Jingtian large close-up.

Jingtian is the brightest in the crowd, and Jingtian is the most dazzling in the battle.

Jing Tian's big watery eyes illuminate the dark side of human nature, and in her subjective lens, Matt Damon is still fascinated.

Without Jing Tian, ​​there would be no "The Great Wall".


Zhang Yimou's best films are all small and earthy, and almost all of the big and pompous ones hit the streets. "The Great Wall" is different. It is not so much the artistic creation of Zhang Yimou as it is the gamble of capital.

Burn money! Please invite the most popular stars, the actors with the deepest background, the photography and art teams from Hollywood, and the two representatives of global film special effects "Industrial Light and Magic" and "Weta Studio".

As far as the film is concerned, it is indeed the ultimate in every aspect. It is worthy of the investors, worthy of a certain father's love for his daughter, and worthy of Zhang Daguo's hard work.

However, this movie was made for a small number of people to watch, and the target is not us assholes. In order to be worthy of the money, the director just like the glutton in the film, putting his eyes under his armpits and not looking at the audience.

Just like the crowd performance in the opening ceremony of the National Games, the bells and whistles of the crowd and beasts in the film are basically to show off the good situation of the country's prosperity and the people's strength, to watch the excitement and the leaders like it. In doing these, Zhang Yimou is absolutely the first in the world.

To put it bluntly, this movie was not made for people to watch at all.


Don't complain about the plot, compared to some bad domestic films, at least people follow the routine.

Unbearable is racism. The biggest feature of the legendary gluttonous food is gluttony, and it can even eat itself. These hungry people in the movie are so picky about their food. The Khitans and a large number of nomads outside the Great Wall don't even look at them, they just want to climb over the city wall to eat the Han people.

These beasts are bent on breaking into the palace, but they don't know why. After thinking about it for a long time, I couldn't figure it out.


Special effects, the director is very proud. It's definitely better than "The Promise".


Zhang Guoshi said that the important value of this film is to let foreigners know more about Chinese culture, and he hopes to make some contribution to cultural export. "

Stop talking nonsense, in terms of cultural output, "Pan Jinlian" is more suitable than this movie.

The entire movie is 104 minutes long, with a very poor sense of rhythm and a lot of hard-working scenes. It will only take 70 minutes if you cut it again.

Jing Tian, ​​every actor gave the worst performance in his career. It's definitely not the actor's problem.

I remember someone saying that some directors are outdated, and they don't know how to spend the money.

You ask him to make a big movie, but all he thinks about is square dancing. I also dream that the culture of square dancing will one day go to the world. You can't laugh at his dream, but it's really out of step with the times.

I don't object to you promoting square dancing to the world, but don't take it as the whole of Chinese culture. Let's leave it to young people to fight against the banner.

This movie is not going to do much better at the box office. The audience is not fooled.

"The Great Wall" is a one-man show by Jing Tian. With Jing Tian, ​​it tastes like chocolate. Without Jing Tian, ​​it tastes like chocolate. Which one do you like? Zhang Guoshi definitely likes the first one!


Where is Chen Xuedong? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Wouldn't it be a mother-in-law! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This article was originally written by the author, Mamaye, a young writer, screenwriter, and film critic.
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  • Mallory 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    I have always felt that Zhang Yimou is one of the few domestic directors who can both pick and train actors. Therefore, even if a large number of new actors gather in "The Great Wall", the degree of fit between the actors and the characters makes the audience not feel abrupt when watching the film. Moreover, it is also under the leadership of Lao Mouzi that so many stars are willing to play for more than ten minutes before hanging up their lunch boxes. added a lot of sadness

  • Jonas 2022-03-23 09:01:50

    Every viewer who has patiently watched this film should become a glutton~~~~

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