Anyway, the Great Wall has nothing to do with "rotten"

Taurean 2022-04-19 09:01:50

The film has a tight rhythm and a grand scene. It belongs to a Chinese legend, and I vaguely feel that it can be made into a legendary series of movies. Anyway, I was very excited to watch it, the storyline was pushed a little too fast, maybe it was to take care of foreign audiences. Hhh

, the picture, composition, music, and color of the old man are all on the line, and they are properly controlled; the settings of the organs are dazzling, which is very attractive to me , In addition to the special effects of this movie, these creative ideas are also very good.

As for the actors, Duomeng and Jiyou cleared the level and took on the laughs. They were very good. I watched the Chinese version. Jing Tian looks like Hua Mulan, and her lines and expressions are indeed a bit lacking, but I feel it. Later, I went home and thought about it, Zhang Ziyi will be better for this role. The other actors are all good, and Andy has the face of a strategist, although he is referring to the strategist of Hong Kong Pu. A lot of people in the show where I was there didn't recognize Lu Han until he appeared two or three times. The acting style has passed the pass, and the last look was also real cruel, righteous death, tears in the nest, looking at the sky. And Eddie Peng is so generous and loving, is he responsible for complaining? The scene of the topless fighting made my face bloom with laughter, and I was addicted to Peng Peng's mermaid line for a long time and couldn't extricate myself (shy. Although Lin Gou is so big, the setting is very cute, the presence of the Eagle Army is very high, one If there is disagreement, I will throw a big fireball, and if there is another disagreement, I will fly an arrow and shoot you! Zheng Kai's first appearance on the stage is particularly bright among a group of grayed out Batu. It is also the first time I got his handsomeness? ?? And Wang Junkai is so cute, really cute, with a bulging head and a ball, sitting there, he looks like the kind of little emperor who is arrogant and fearful and pretends to be strong. Ben, the name can be called "My Proud Little Emperor"??? 2333

Talk about the plot, I actually think this kind of plot looks quite easy, the plot is really thin and there is no conflict, the whole article is to fight monsters and fight monsters. , the big move, the big move, the big move, the big move, and the third move. I unlocked the first game with the mentality of playing online games. I felt good after watching it with this goal. I even felt that the emotional game was a bit tasteless because I still want to fight monsters! Friends! Said that watching 4D is very cool, I feel like going to the sky, in order to be able to go to the sky, I have to brush 4D for the second time.

Besides, as a design dog, I got goosebumps from the first picture. What should I say, the aesthetics and composition moved me, and it was the 100-minute continuous absence of urine that moved me. This is the first time in imax. I am so happy to appreciate Zhang Yimou's works. The effect of clouds and fog is also my favorite when I draw pictures by myself. Recalling these pictures, I am willing to pay for this movie even if it is a large-scale ppt presentation, not to mention the classic Hollywood plot that I like.

The film does not exaggerate the national righteousness too much, and it may also be to take care of the global audience. From this perspective, I think this film is inclusive. Not only is there Chinese-English dialogue in the film, but the Chinese actors also have a variety of accents. Hong Kong generals, Northeastern generals, and a little Trump who is not very obvious are all regarded as cute by me.

Although the little monsters are not cute, this movie is very cute, just sauce.

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  • Micheal 2021-11-30 08:01:27

    This time, Li Ang, Feng Xiaogang, and Zhang Yimou are really rushing to the street. This one is even more solid. . .

  • Carmine 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    It's too earthy, the most boring thing is that Zhang Yimou actually made the Song Dynasty into the Qin Dynasty.

The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.