Smog and gluttony

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In the days when I watched this film, people in the north were endlessly smoking, spitting, and complaining about the smog. Many people spoke with a kind of sympathy. And I myself sighed, sighed that the coincidence of time made me like a migratory bird, just migrated to a place where I can live in these sad few days. I am very grateful for this Ansheng, it makes me feel that my life is qualified to be compared with birds.

I often feel that the smog in the north really can’t stop the Great Wall from being rebuilt.

It happened that Laomouzi released his big move "The Great Wall" at this time, saying that the people of the Northern Song Dynasty used the Great Wall to block gluttonous food. Smog and gluttonous, four extremely ferocious characters, can be regarded as a good analogy. What surprises me about the metaphor of gluttonous food is that its rapid reproduction depends only on one instinct - greed. The greedy grandson will also feed back to the greedy grandma, and the greedy grandma will open the door for greed, and greed will come home.

Another surprise for gluttonous is that this mythical beast comes with a fierce attack, reminding the great country south of the Great Wall not to be too greedy. And the smog attacked North China no longer have to wait for a Jiazi, on average every six days to attack once. More than a year ago, in a city in the Hexi Corridor, I met a businessman from Xiong County, Hebei Province. He has a family workshop that produces plastic. He is five years younger than me and drives a Mercedes-Benz. The plastic factory opened in his own yard, and a well was drilled, the exhaust gas was discharged into the sky, and the sewage was discharged into the well.

Let’s talk about gluttonous food, there are mythical beasts on the bronze heavy vessels of the Shang Dynasty.

The smelting technology was spread all the way from the Balkans of Eastern Europe to Mesopotamia, and then brought to the Ordos Plateau by the nomads who tamed the horses along the Tianshan pastures. The wealthy Shang Dynasty people moved their capital from the Yiluo Basin in the middle reaches of the Yellow River to Anyang in the lower reaches, and had the opportunity to contact the plateau people on the Taihang Mountains. Conquest and crusade, trade slavery, merchants learned the smelting technology originated from the West, and since then opened a heyday with the speciality of casting tripods.

From today's perspective, Anyang, the relic capital of the Shang Dynasty, was an unfinished field of metal smelting, or in the world at that time, a "world factory" with metal smelting and bronze casting as its pillar industries. Dings with gluttonous patterns cast in the Shang Dynasty crossed the Qinling Mountains and were exchanged to Sanxingdui in the Bashu Basin. Similar tripods were also exchanged to the Guanzhong Basin and the Zeng State in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yuhang area in the lower reaches. The Shang Dynasty did not have a strong cavalry unit, and such a huge radiation capability was achieved through the "Anyang Casting" trade network.

Merchants discovered copper mines in Tongling in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and sent heavy troops to defend them, realizing the monopoly of smelting raw materials. The R&D personnel and craftsmen who mastered the casting technology in Anyang City lived with the royal family in the inner city and became the core of the merchant ruling class. And gluttonous, like today's "Made in China", became the earliest trademark. The casting process of bronze tripods is complicated, and smart businessmen have also learned to issue limited editions, so that the heavy bronze vessels with taotie patterns have become the "magic instruments" of the royal families in all parts of China.

But how could Shang be swallowed up by Zhou Deku and rotten?

In the official history, a fox demon, Daji, was made up, and the country and the city were all over the place.

But in the rural areas of the Guanzhong Basin deep within the Zhou Dynasty, how could a large manufacturing country be wiped out just by taking advantage of it?

Back to the smog. It is said that during the smog warning, many people in Beijing were preparing to migrate for a short time like migratory birds. Unfortunately, a large number of flights at the Capital Airport were cancelled, and the expressways out of Beijing were also closed. For a few seconds, I felt some sadness for the people who were trapped in the capital. The smog is not as urgent as the gluttonous gluttons in "The Great Wall". After taking a deep breath of the smog for a month, the beauty is still the beauty, and the power is still the power, and no one will lose the fragrance. But the capital is like Anyang in the Shang Dynasty. It is no wonder that in recent years, I have always heard that Beijing is engaged in vegetable warehousing and logistics, and strategic grain reserves. The highway has been closed for a long time, and there is a famine in the city.

It just so happened that the automobiles produced in the capital, like the bronze tripods of the Shang Dynasty, were both valuable and valuable, but they could not solve the famine.

At the beginning of the year, I returned to the West Coast from the eastern United States, in order to see more of the Americas, I took a long-distance bus. After a bumpy night, the early morning kicked off in Michigan deep in the Great Lakes. I wiped the oil on my face, opened the curtains, and outside the car was a continuous wheat field. When I went to Beijing for the first time ten years ago, I similarly sighed at the flatness of the North China Plain. In the past ten years, the North China Plain has been torn apart by industrial towns rising from the ground and simple factories built with colored steel tiles. The Great Lakes region of the United States is still the same as that described in Sinclair's novel "The Slaughterhouse" a hundred years ago. Flat like a bright green carpet smoothed out by the Creator's hand.

The car galloped silently into the depths of dusk on this carpet, and that was the first time I felt inferior for my country. There has never been a country like today's China, where the land is so despised and the most honest on the land thrives.

Friends often ask me whether the dollar will still stand for a hundred years? It's hard to say, the United States has its own emptiness, she is not the world's factory, there are always people who feel that the US dollar is printed without basis. But the United States will definitely stand for a hundred years, because she has a real granary, which is not only self-sufficient, but is increasingly filling the stomachs of other countries.

It is said that the King of Zhou traveled to the Loess Plateau in the north of the Guanzhong Basin before returning to the Guanzhong Basin. There was no bronze worship there. King Zhou felt that it was the best ritual system in ancient times. Yao, Shun, and Yu were all good farmers, and they prided themselves on helping their people produce more food. After the Zhou King destroyed the Shang Dynasty, he rebuilt the ritual system. Food was heaven. This set of rituals has been proved by history to be very stable. After the Western Zhou Dynasty, the people of all dynasties all taught rituals, and the sins were nothing but starvation and death, and rituals collapsed and joys were destroyed.

A few days ago, I met a German professor in Singapore. He is old and likes to describe himself as a West German. He taught in East Germany, but preferred West Germany. Ask him why, West Germany has farms and farms as far back as 2,000 years ago, but East Germany does not. East Germany has a lot of heavy industry, but there is no fuss about it, and it has been baptized by Marx's productivityism, and its rituals have collapsed. Ask him if he can compare East Germany to China? He said it was similar, but East Germany was worse. The West Germans felt that East Germany was ruined by the Soviet Union, and the original good land was turned into an unfinished manufacturing factory. The Chinese are like East Germany now, but the factory isn't dead yet.

I don't dare to take the Germans' self-deprecation so politely.

The taotie pattern on the bronze tripod of the Shang Dynasty has become a truly esoteric beast after the Shang Dynasty. People call it a divine beast, perhaps because no one thinks that manpower can destroy Anyang, the prosperous Shang capital. To destroy it, either a fox demon or a divine beast is needed. But what is gluttonous? It is nothing more than a trademark that symbolizes authority.

Like today's smog, it has repeatedly besieged North China. Recently, it has ambushed the Guanzhong Basin and the Chengdu Plain, and even the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, which are close to the sea, have not been spared. I heard that the Tianjian Division of the great country has recently called smog a kind of meteorological condition. The smog has become a celestial phenomenon beyond the level of the divine beast gluttonous, and the divine power to subdue this celestial phenomenon is also pinned on a stronger celestial phenomenon—the haze is flying when the wind blows.

The history of the motherland is too long, and it is difficult to have new things. She does not have a strong army, but she can radiate the world with a trade network similar to "Anyang Casting". She bought food at high prices from other people's land, but turned her own land into the world's factory. When people around the world consume Made in China, they look up at the blue sky and know that they are just consuming a trademark that was exchanged for smog. The great country, on the other hand, is mythical about the smog, and at the same time, the myth of this trademark.

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