Movies need to be distracted to be attractive

Doug 2022-04-19 09:01:50

After watching this film, I was physically and psychologically devastated. The 104-minute film gave me goosebumps all over my body. I wanted to fast-forward many times in the middle. Two words: I am tired. All kinds of tactical scenes of the sea of ​​people, every minute thinks of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
At the beginning of the film, various big casts appeared, thinking that Zhang Hanyu was the male protagonist, and he died not long after that. The forbidden army was handed over to Miss Jing (the leader of a team that was considered to be dead), and there was no foreshadowing of Miss Jing's leadership. Lin Gengxin, Andy Lau , Peng Yuyan's various big casts obey Yu Jing, there is no way to make people feel that it is not abrupt, and it is a play tailored for the heroine, and Luye uses such a big coffee. . . Failure one.
The scene of Lu Han's final death is quite reversed, unexpected and one of the few highlights of the film. . . Zheng Kai's performance is very suitable for his role, and his acting skills are online. . . Wang Junkai estimated that the film party pulled it for the box office, and Trump and the recited lines expressed their inability to accept. . The director is brave enough to use the original voice of the actors. Trump, Hong Kong Pu, Tai Pu, and Chinese English are all in short supply. . . I don't know if I want to summon the dragon. . .
This film combines the American blockbuster human vs. monsters and the flattery of the Chinese court, the personal heroism of American culture and the spirit of personal sacrifice of Chinese culture. Various big scenes and big scenes are presented, but there is not enough foreshadowing, and the emotions cannot be connected. And the "trust" that the movie wants to highlight also seems very empty. Personally, I think the main tone of "trust" should be naturally presented by the story, rather than the characters saying it for everyone to remember. The whole movie is like a hodgepodge of pieces, stitched together. The audience can't form a sympathy.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older, and I'm no longer keen on watching 3D American blockbusters in recent years, and I'm more and more eager to watch movies that can touch people's hearts. I hope that Chinese movies will no longer pursue big casts, the shocking picture, the powerful technology, and the small productions that touch the hearts of the people. Don't waste your money on this kind of soulless shit. . .

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  • Suzanne 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    To be fair, the kongming lanterns in the sky are quite beautiful. ★★

  • Michael 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    Quite good looking. In the first half, I think I saw the possibility of the Chinese filming The Lord of the Rings.

The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.