Great Wall, disgusting movie

Carter 2022-04-19 09:01:50

Let me tell you an unrelated story.
A boy fell in love with a girl, so the boy tried his best to pursue the girl, but the girl was always silent, and she always gave the boy a look of contempt, one day the boy couldn't help it and blocked the girl to ask for an answer, he was Want to know: "You haven't been in love with me, why do you hate me so much? Do you want to fall in love with me? Give me a clear attitude!" The girl still looked contemptuous: "Silence is an attitude, don't want to When I see you, that's my attitude!"
I don't know if this story is appropriate, what I want to say is that those who have not seen "The Great Wall" in theaters resolutely want to give "The Great Wall" half a star or 1 star , people who give low scores, I understand them very well, because, I am one of these people, "I don't want to see you, it's my attitude!", I don't have to go to the cinema to spend money, you have already made me very disgusted , so I give you 1 star, that's my rating and attitude.
In fact, I think "The Great Wall" is a very disgusting movie. It is a product of the creator's prostration to money and power. It is turbid water in the movie market, and it is harmful to China's movie market. Don't watch it, Zhang Yimou's character and his previous "Three Guns" and a series of bad films have already overdrawn my favor and trust in him. Yes, with the release of the "Great Wall" movie, I have the last word on him. Not even a trace of respect.
What is the combination of China and the West, is Chinese culture testing the waters toward Hollywood? What do you mean by an attempt to export Chinese culture to the world? Stop beautifying and wearing high hats. If Zhang Yimou has even a trace of reverence for the name "Great Wall", he will never tie up the "Great Wall", the greatest building in Chinese history or even a symbol of China, to shoot A naked money-making movie, he used the Great Wall, and he has no piety or reverence for the history of Chinese civilization.
It is said that "The Great Wall" is to make a face paralyzed heroine popular, so a string of stars have become small supporting roles. I feel pity for these stars. Only a few minutes of appearances for certain stars can make fans pay for them obediently. feel ridiculous. Plus, I hate the fact that such a money-burning movie has gotten such a bad reputation. I seem to see the arrogant smiles of some people and their self-talk: "I'm rich, I just want to burn money to make my heroine popular, hey, I can still make money, I have to rely on "The Great Wall" Earn one billion at the box office, one billion or two billion, so mad at you, what can you do with Lao Tzu?!”
We are in a stall where there is no connection between green and yellow, and some directors who have no sense of responsibility can successfully get the investment and shoot. Movies that are getting word-of-mouth in order to make money, we do not have new directors who are more capable, talented, responsible and responsible to stand out.
It is said that there is also a director who said that he made a few movies that discussed social issues, not to make money and pure entertainment, and then the director complained that the audience did not like to watch it, then my question is, is your movie quality good? Since the audience thinks that the quality is not good, that is, the word of mouth is poor, then the audience naturally does not like to watch it, so what does it have to do with you discussing social issues?
I think the overall level of our directors is not high. In other words, everyone thinks that the quality of domestic films is not high, there are few good films, and what kind of environment raises what kind of people, so my current point of view is that our land , maybe it is suitable for directors who are not very good at producing bad films. why? Because there is a market for bad movies, it's enough to explain everything.
Suddenly, I really want to shout the slogan: "Boycott "The Great Wall", everyone is responsible!" To boycott those Zhang Yimou who are desperate to make money at all costs, even losing the reputation of the first half of their life, I hope our money will not be Invest in such a director.
"The Great Wall" really makes me sick! The capital marriage and operation behind the disgusting film, disgusting Jing Tian's dark background, disgusting that it is making money under the name of "The Great Wall", I am disgusting about everything about this movie.

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