Another masterpiece of national teacher's anti-human aesthetics

Cade 2022-04-20 09:01:41

Another Zhang Yimou-style war against humanity film. Is this a fantasy movie? Sorry, I don't really see anything magical except that the origin of gluttonous food is a bit magical. So this is a war movie, or a monster movie. Very similar to the tower defense map of the Guardian Athena class in Warcraft. But the plot is not as good as guarding Athena. The mighty Five Armies, who had been lined up for so long, had two fights. The first was the first fight. Maybe the Beastmaster was hungry and didn't fight for no reason. The second game is to do an experiment, to catch only live gluttons. After that, there was no more. Taotie dug a hole and passed through the city wall. The five-color army was stunned. So, let's talk about war. The war drama is about thrilling, let the audience and the characters have blood together, and clench their fists together to fight. However, the passion that the Great Wall gave me is not as good as the last battle of the city in Langya. As for the Hollywood blockbuster more than ten years ago like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, don’t mention it, what’s wrong with living? The only thing the Great Wall showed me was the characteristics of the national teacher that made him a national teacher: "Take people as people". The colorful uniforms that are powerless to complain, the neat queue, the ups and downs when the order is sent, do you feel nervous? Bullshit. You caught two foreigners who were frightened by your archery miracle, who are you frightening? When the five armies work together to fight monsters, how come they all become a neat and uniform five-color background board for the onlookers and friends to fight monsters and earn goodwill? Why did the commander of the five armies go, oh, he went with the commander of the palace to convey orders. You are the messengers outside the palace, and they are placed inside the palace. . . Therefore, everything is for the ''human sea aesthetics'' of the national teacher. So, you started shooting accurately, so you lined up, so you divided colors, and then, when the monsters climbed the city wall, you watched in order. Of course, the ultimate aesthetics of the national teacher's anti-human sea, there is also the leap of trust of the crane army. How precious are the girls in the barracks, you let them bungee jumping, one leap and one spear, the lethality is extremely low, and 80% of them won't come back. So, national teacher, you are the head of the FFF regiment. In order to ensure the purity of the military camp, you used this sacrificial tactics? This method of warfare has no tactical significance, only aesthetic significance, but watching Leap of Faith I have Assassin's Creed! ! ! So, is it just for trust? Nima, male lead, I just want to ask, how did you and your friends get along without trusting you? So, this piece is very, anti-human. . .

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  • Justen 2021-11-30 08:01:27

    Soon after the beginning of the show, five of the Forbidden Army, dressed in different colors of clothing and different functional props, used neat positions and slogans to repeat the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to us in a uniform and regular drumbeat, and then Zhang Yimou arranged for different characters to play different tricks. , There are acrobatics, concave shapes, chorus, flower guns, and cross talk. In the mix and match of Taiwanese Mandarin, Hong Kong and Putonghua, Beijing accent, and English, we performed a lively Spring Festival Gala for us.

  • Bethany 2021-11-30 08:01:27

    A reduced version of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The highlight is that Zhang Yimou used gluttonous allusions to the high-paying non-acting actors in the film, and he used his usual crowd tactics to blend in a novelty "Jing Tian Altman" to fight the little monster movie. Only the heroine's life background is left for fans to discuss. A commercial film, a disaster film! It's not good to tell a story! Do you know why World of Warcraft loses? The Great Wall is next. I don’t know why Zhang Yimou is taking this job!

The Great Wall quotes

  • Commander Lin Mae: Why are you here?

    William: We came to trade.

    Commander Lin Mae: You lie. You are thieves!

  • William: I've been left for dead twice... it was bad luck.

    Ballard: For who ?

    William: The people who left me!