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I once said that Zhang Yimou's disease of worshipping foreigners can be cured. This is the case with "The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling" and "The Great Wall". In the age of passivation of information, ordinary generals could understand English, and they could speak it in such a modern way and use it freely. Even in the era of the Anti-Japanese War, those who knew English would be taken seriously. Are you an ancient general who understands English emperors and doesn't know how to cherish talents? Like the last bad movie, there are "actors" who have no acting skills, and the so-called big old men, foreigners and foreigners, combine Chinese and Western. In fact, the act of acting can be adjusted, which is mainly the director's problem. You can see that the actors trained by Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow are not bad. When those actors leave, it will become even more obvious that the coaching skills of Old Monster Xu and Xingye are even more infuriating. Even if Zhang Yimou knows how to coach actors, what are the remaining important ingredients? ? The outline of the story is reasonable, and where are the details of the story interpretation? After the commercialization of Zhang's films, there will always only be scenes, and there will be no fullness of characters and plots. This can be regarded as the beginning of "Hero". "The Great Wall" is not to say that the special effects are not good. If you think that a movie only looks at the special effects, I have nothing to criticize! We're talking about emotions and logic. In an ancient thought that men are superior to women, women can actually be generals. Do you know how much effort it took for "Mulan" to be a big head soldier? What do you ask Mulan to think? There is also an ancient person who can speak English is so nonsensical, can you be a little jerky, or do not understand, or find a more convincing scholar to solve this solution! Let's start with more reasonable logic. Another problem is that all male compatriots can't bear it. From the beginning of "The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling", the foreigner has been the protagonist. The foreigner came to rescue China, and the foreigner rose to the commanding heights of another fearless and noble sentiment. And the heroine must be a Chinese woman. The last time she was a prostitute, this time it's a little better, it's a female general! But this time is more abhorrent than the last time. The prostitutes are caused by the current situation. But this time, the female general represents the mainstay of the country. She actually needs to persuade rather than conquer a foreigner with her strength to agree and help us. It turned into a cult, this is flattering, it is foreign-loving, and this is what we despise. A movie that has lost national confidence is nothing to be proud of, and it should be given a low score, not to mention being flattering all the time! Art knows no borders, but art belongs to the nation first, and then to the world last. In this regard, our confidence in national traditions is indeed not as good as in Japan. Although Japan is a very annoying people, there is something worth learning from others. Although our films seem to be prosperous now, they are empty and glossy on the surface. The directors are not as good as the works of the sixty or seventy years. backbone. Zhang Yimou has never changed, but now he has finally changed, and he can remove his identity as an artist and director. No one will continue to follow and like you, because this film sucks as amazing as "Three Guns", so I choose to give up. But I feel sorry for Zhang Hanyu, Peng Yuyan, Andy Lau, and good actors were wasted in vain. At that time, Chairman Mao said that the atomic bomb must be built. If it can't be done in ten years, it will be done in a hundred years. This is the backbone of the Chinese people. The same is true of making movies. There is no need to devalue our image. To surpass others, the first thing we need is backbone rather than flattery.

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The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.

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