The gluttonous appetite of elite artists is still difficult to satisfy

Jaunita 2022-04-20 09:01:41

To be honest, I'm pretty cool, there's no urination in the whole process, but I feel that the ending is a little short, and some details should be supported a little more nervously.

It is still exciting to see Chinese elements appear in large-scale monster fights. Of course, this is different from the feeling of looking at the national flag. This is a kind of: in childhood memories, those mysterious and ancient things are finally alive and happy. The etherealness in those landscape paintings, and the feeling of war drums, thunder, thunder and flags fluttering in those storytelling books. The form feels a bit without pretending to think, and the audience is quite comfortable.

In the scene I watched, many viewers felt the same way as I did. After watching it, they were discussing: It's not as bad as their film critics said, it's wonderful. What happened to this world? Is it weird that Trump won the election? When I was eating people, I gently asked the girl in front to turn off the screen of her phone, but I scared her to death. The effect of IMAX was still shocking.

Of course, it would be difficult to satisfy the gluttonous appetite of the big intellectual elite artists. In fact, they shouldn't watch the films after the 1990s, just touch the pirated discs of Tarkovsky Spencer xxx every day. Film is not just an elite art, otherwise how could it become such a large-scale industry? Feeding so many talented guys? For Chinese films, the biggest problem to be solved now is to give audiences some entertainment on weekends.

Simple fun, a film that many people can understand very well after watching it. The Great Wall has done it, the monsters are approaching layer by layer, and the protagonist gradually finds the meaning of fighting after facing the darkness in his heart. The typical operation structure of monster films, if you don't do it like this, you will be a ghost.

I'm so dumbfounded by this fucking film critic, Zhang Yimou is going to die or live if you want human nature. Don't know what they are drawing? The title of National Teacher Master is also enshrined by intellectuals, large-scale literary and media people, and now even the black ones are teachers who have such a title. They are too worried about the people's aesthetic taste for movies, they are too worried that the people don't think about the great propositions of the universe, system, environmental protection, and human conflict when watching movies, they are really heartbroken. The last time was "Thailand" and this time it was "The Great Wall". Of course, the knowledge of intellectual film lovers is still very deep, and serious criticism is definitely needed. But the amount of film reading is obviously very small, and the half-hearted person who can't distinguish the regularity of genre films. The guy who brushes the elite's presence by stepping on it is really disgusting.

This is definitely not a movie that is offered in the palace, and it is also a duty to not pretend to have an idea. There are no ostriches running on the street, no thinking about environmental protection issues facing the pits all over the ground, no sadness about urbanization facing the ruins, and no love that is very hard to talk about. Some are refreshing action scenes, beautiful Chinese scenery, and tense siege battles. There is also a little thought about why you want to fight, that's ok.

Looking forward to fighting all those monsters in Chinese classical culture! Ha ha ha ha

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The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.

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