Why do people hate Zhang Yimou's popcorn?

Eliseo 2022-04-20 09:01:41

Zhang Yimou is probably the most scolded first-line director, and the main reason is that he has been black to the end on the road of commercial kitsch, triumphant all the way on the correct path of the party, and a sharp little brother of realism who once made experimental films. He has become a national teacher with red roots, and the things he shoots are full of radio gymnastics-style centralized aesthetics and colorful luxuries, which runs counter to his grounded spirit in his early years and gradually drifts away, perhaps in the minds of the audience. , Zhang Yimou is very much like Song Jiang who converted to the court.

This time Zhang Yimou made a complete popcorn movie. Once it was released, everyone was accused by everyone. Everyone became Meng Jiangnu and wanted to tear down the Great Wall. People changed their ways and complained. On the surface, they were angry. of. Zhang Yimou's reputation is too big, and the propaganda is too aggressive. Every movie has become a social phenomenon. Everyone knows that one thing is a problem. The relationship between the director and the audience is not about being satisfied and being satisfied. Writing a serious film review can be spit to death, in fact, this is a film, a day's meal money.

I went to the theater and chose my favorite location. The advert was Jingtian Mineral Water, and I was amused before the movie started. The entire first half of the film is within the director's expertise. It combines Zhang Yimou's "centralized" aesthetics, with a moderate degree of control and sufficient momentum. I have no distaste for the five Fuwas of the Fifth Army, because it always reminds me of the sacred clothes of the five heroes of the Saint Seiya. , you can see it as a Saint Seiya is very harmonious. The gluttonous food of the beasts of the flood is indeed oppressive, and the senses will not deceive me. The two Great Wall battles are pleasing to the eye.

The story is simple and the logic is unclear. It's not a big problem. For commercial films, all the movies that can be supported by the scene will pass. The biggest problem is the rhythm problem. , Damon and Jing Tian went to the sky and lost all the stars, leaving these two people left in the world. When a pair of male and female flesh battles billions of gluttons, the movie becomes a cartoon. The roles of Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe are also problematic. From beginning to end, the film is in the tangle of how to add two foreigners to this oriental story, inviting these two big Hollywood names and letting them It's a waste of time to mess around in the movie, to live by it, and to be busy with yourself outside the main line.

It's a pity after watching the movie, but there is still nothing that makes you impatient, the rhythm is tight, and even a little forced, the mouth-to-mouth battle between Damon and Pedro is very interesting, and Weta created a lot of it. The visual effects are still very fresh in this oriental story, especially a paragraph of high-altitude overlooking the gluttonous march into Bianliang. Apart from this sloppy climax, and He Jun's younger sister's all-round good looks, it's easy to think of the government art troupe. The audience is made up as a ten-year-old child.

I believe that if this film hadn't been made by Zhang Yimou and starred by Jing Tian, ​​everyone's eyes would have been brighter. But the national teacher made a movie for Jing Tian with the aesthetics of the Olympic Games, and then asked a lot of stars to play soy sauce, so that the movie was full of power and power before it was released. this movie.

To a large extent, whether you like Zhang Yimou or not depends on whether you accept his current set of aesthetics. This film uses the elements that all those who hate Zhang Yimou criticize. The "Hero" is neat and uniform, with big red, big purple and big green. The luxurious court in "Golden Armor", the stained glass in "The Thirteen Hairpins of Jinling". A popular article once described Zhang Yimou's films as fascist aesthetics, and compared them with Western liberalism. It sounds reasonable at first, but it is too simplistic. In fact, many scenes of "The Lord of the Rings" we are familiar with are actually "Triumph of the Will"-style aesthetics, and Peter Jackson has no reservations about his love for Lenny Riefenstahl.

For our audience, this gymnastics-style aesthetic of burying individual souls is contradictory, but Westerners have never seen it and shouted in surprise. Laomouzi's self-confidence should come from the recognition of the international market. Of course, the premise is He thought it was beautiful. In the contemporary context, this has nothing to do with whether the ideology is correct or not. This is a way of existence of art. These days, people work with money, what a fascist.

I have seen all of Zhang Yimou's films, and I have no preference for the director. Of course, the early years are very good-looking. The best ones are "High Red Lantern", "Alive", "Judou", Zhang Yimou is very suitable for short stories, even if Commercial films also tend to have simple structures, which shows that the Iranian film complex in the early years had a great influence on his narrative. Since "Hero", except for "Love in the Hawthorn Tree" and "House of Flying Daggers", which I think is unreasonable, the rest of the movies are not bad, including "Three Guns" and "Golden Armor" that everyone trampled on, maybe I am a trivial person.

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  • Libby 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    The standard commercial popcorn that rivals Hollywood, the scene is grand! I added points for Made in China. A lot of things are actually very problematic after careful scrutiny: where is the setting of the five armies necessary? Why does the gluttonous glutton drag away the dead body of his companion? What is the plot significance of Willem Dafoe's theft of explosives? ... Anyway, there are so many questions, is the time too short to fully explain? Huang Xuan actually only has one line... Chen Xuedong is simply soy sauce~ Just take a look~

  • Eusebio 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    Zhang Yimou's problems with Heroes, House of Flying Daggers, and even the Golden Armor have been resolved. He is still obsessed with the beauty of rituals and eye-catching colors that seem meaningless, but the execution of a good team is better. The core of the script is solid, not too leaky, and the villains are strong enough, but the worst is the group play (the court review is good). Based on the personality of the stars, if the role is lost, Jing Tian can be replaced, but there is no problem with her own performance. , better than the three generals. The rhythm is good.

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