"The Great Wall": What is the central idea, can you eat it?

Lonnie 2022-04-20 09:01:41

It is said that in the Song Dynasty hundreds of years ago, Jason Bourne, an American tough-guy agent who was famous for his short words, and the bisexual prince Red Viper, who had a loose private life, came to China.
Of course, China was not China at that time, and passports and visas were not required.
They were chased by the foreigners at the time to the gate of the Great Wall and became our captives.
Strangely, since he came to China, Byrne has talked a lot and loves show more.
Archery, flirting with sisters, and flirting with younger brothers are all good at it.

On the other hand, the Red Viper has restrained a lot. He is no longer interested in beauties, and he loves Bourne wholeheartedly, and wants to occupy him.
But King Xiang has a heart, and the goddess has no dreams.
Bourne has been single for a long time. When he saw Jing Tian, ​​a little girl in China who was harder than a Kimberley diamond in the backstage, his legs became weak and he couldn't walk.
Moreover, this little girl speaks English very well.

Of course, Jing Tian didn't like Bourne who looked like a savage.
All she cares about is the purpose of their trip.

The two claimed to be in business, because businessmen are more expensive and more attractive to little girls.
But in fact, they came for the black powder.
Because Byrne has always had a dream, is to set off fireworks.
And in order to fulfill Bourne's wish, the red viper accompanied him to run for 108,000 miles.

But unfortunately, at this time, it was the gluttonous siege that had been repeated for sixty years.
In order to fight monsters, everyone didn't care about these two.
But Miss Jing kept her mind and let the cute little fresh meat Lu Han guard them.

Inside and outside the Great Wall, the smoke of the wolf rises and the drum sounds.
Outside the city is a dense army of gluttons, and inside the city is a colorful Olympic square.
King Taotie was shocked, and thousands of small gluttons rushed into the city.
Fireballs, flying arrows, platform girls, and melee combat, each of them killed like a death squad.
Among them, some of the Xiaotie who attacked the upper city had even more appetites, and the thin soldiers on the Great Wall could only fight their teeth.
They set their sights on the two muscular men from Fanbang.

But Byrne and Red Viper aren't vegetarian either.
God sent the villain Green Goblin to save them.
One episode, the Green Goblin came to China twenty-five years ago, and he was also looking for gunpowder and wanted to blow up Spider-Man.
Byrne asked the little ignorant Luhan to take up arms and resist gluttonous.
The Green Goblin took the opportunity to let the two of them go.
In fact, the three could have escaped in the chaos.
But at the moment when the little fresh meat Luhan was about to become a gluttonous appetizer, Byrne decided to give this young man a chance to live.
He picked up the bow and arrow and the big knife, and joined the red snake to kill the monster.
This behavior not only made merit for them, but also gained Lu Han's heart by the way.

After the end of the First Human-Beast War, the two became Fuwas guarding the Great Wall.
He was warmly received by Zhang Hanyu, the first-in-command, and Jing Tian, ​​the second-in-command, gradually let go of Bourne's guard.
All this was seen in the eyes of the red poisonous snake, and it hurt in my heart.

I didn't expect the second siege of gluttonous to come so quickly.
This time, there were only two little ones, and their purpose was clear.
The thief caught the king first, and the leader Zhang Hanyu sacrificed tragically.
Before dying, he handed over the commanding talisman to the baby-faced Jingtian.
The mournful music was played, thousands of soldiers wore white to observe their filial piety, and countless kongming lanterns ascended to the sky with Zhang Hanyu's last wish.
The birds and phoenixes in northern Shaanxi echo melodiously inside and outside the Great Wall.

Please keep this in mind, because the plot has taken a nosedive since then.
In fact, Zhang Hanyu's sacrifice lacked a bit of foreshadowing. You can first show the general's majesty and make his funeral look more reasonable and pathetic.


The Red Viper was still thinking about finding gunpowder for Bourne, but Bourne's mind no longer wanted to watch the fireworks.
Helpless, he had to team up with the green goblin to blow up the storage warehouse and steal the black powder.
When it was time to leave, Byrne came.
Red Viper asked him helplessly, are you still willing to watch the fireworks I set for you?
Byrne answered firmly, Xiaojing needs me, and the Great Wall needs me.

So the red snake endured great grief and knocked Bourne unconscious.
All this was seen in the eyes of the younger brother Lu Han, whom Byrne once teased.

The betrayal of the Red Viper and the Green Goblin angered Jing Tian, ​​who was already the number one leader. She was heartbroken and was struggling to decide whether to execute Bourne.
Lu Han opened his mouth: Bourne was wronged! he shouted loudly.
It was this sentence that rescued the budding love between Jing Tian and Bourne.

At this time, the disaster on the Great Wall came again.
The strategist Andy Lau found that the first two sieges of the gluttonous army were all in the east and the west, they had dug through the tunnel long ago, and the target was directly aimed at the imperial capital - Bianliang.
By the way, they caught a small gluttonous glutton before. They found that the magnet could make him deaf and unable to hear the king's instructions.
And this little gluttonous glutton has been sent to Bianliang.
The taotie king took the taotie army and rushed to the imperial capital in a mighty manner.

The leader, Jing Tian, ​​took the girls under him to support in a hot air balloon.
Of course, Byrne was not at ease. He flew to Bianliang with his newly received younger brother Lu Han and military advisor Andy Lau.

Their goal is only one, and that is to destroy the Beastmaster.

The gluttonous army besieged the imperial city in a blink of an eye, and the little emperor Wang Junkai was so frightened that he hid under the dragon chair.
Jing Tian assured the little emperor that gluttonous gluttons must be eliminated, and Byrne looked at her with distress.

They helped the imprisoned gluttonous glutton with a bomb all over, preparing to send him to the Beastmaster.
But there were too many gluttons, and there were less than ten of them left.
Along the way, they were besieged by gluttons.
For the sake of the country, Xiao Xianrou Luhan ignited the explosives on his body and chose to die with the gluttons.
Before dying, he gave Bourne a look back to kill.
Military advisor Andy Lau, for the hope of the last blow, threw the life-saving magnet to Jing Tian and gave her a head-up kill.

At this time, only Bourne and Jing Tian were left to fight.
They climbed up the tower and watched as the little glutton full of bombs walked towards the power core of the Beastmaster.
Burn shot the rocket again and again, but was always blocked by the wings beside the Beastmaster.
The last hope, he and Jing Tian staged a combination of swords.

Finally, the fuse was lit, the bomb exploded, and the sky was filled with beautiful fireworks.
The gluttons all dispersed.
At this moment, Byrne's heart was full of the silly boy who wanted to set off fireworks for him.

After returning to the Great Wall, the red poisonous snake has been captured by Jing Tian's men.
The green goblin was punished by God for abandoning Xiaohong and was killed.

In the cell, the red viper asked Bourne, aren't you going to stay with Jing Tian?
Byrne replied, they asked me to choose one, you or fireworks, guess who I chose?

The red viper looked at him and smiled sweetly, sweetly.

As the sun went down, two people on horseback disappeared outside the Great Wall.

The above is basically the main plot of "The Great Wall".
This film, the front is still very good-looking, the special effects are real, the scene is atmospheric, and the music is magnificent.
However, as it goes on, the plot becomes more and more scattered, and in the end there is only one hurried ending.
In fact, if we can add another half an hour, the climax of Bianliang's fight against monsters will be stronger.
Perhaps, it can also be regarded as a qualified commercial film.
But now, it's a little bit different.

I think there are two types of filmmaking.
Commercial films, purely to make money.
Non-commercial films, by the way, make money.

Every film is a communication between the director and the audience. What the director wants to convey is all in the film.
Some viewers may feel that commercial films do not need to think too much, just go with the kidneys.
But "The Great Wall" did not walk into the kidneys, nor did it walk into the heart.
When I watched it, I always wanted to see what the director wanted to express from their dialogue and the plot.
but none.

There is a little sign that Jing Tian asked Matt Damon, who are you fighting for?
But what this film said is too superficial, and the "Blood Battle Hacksaw Ridge" in the next hall can finish it.
All war films are anti-war films. When the handsome guy in "Blood" who bullied the protagonist at the beginning died, he said, I'm so scared, really scared.
That kind of fear of war, our audience can feel it at that moment.

"The Great Wall", there is no leading idea.
At that time, the summary of the central idea in the Chinese questions was actually a very useful method.
All the characters, plot, dialogue, music and even special effects serve the central idea.

Even if it is a commercial film, if there is no leading role, it is just a mess.
So, before every creation, every director should ask himself:
what do I want to express?

PS Like the ending song of "The Great Wall", it suits my taste.

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  • Carmine 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    It's too earthy, the most boring thing is that Zhang Yimou actually made the Song Dynasty into the Qin Dynasty.

  • Jolie 2022-03-23 09:01:50

    It is worthy of tailor-made, everyone, Jing Tian and the style of this film are closely matched, and the others are in a state of "playing chess with Niangniang". After looking around, I didn't expect that the best performer was the real female, protagonist, and horn - Lu Han. Of course, he is like this in all the films, with a confused look of "Who are you and what are you doing? It's all about me."

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