Shows the unique beauty of human feelings and human nature of the Chinese nation

Jaquan 2022-04-21 09:01:59

First of all, let me tell you about the theme song of the movie, sung by Jane Zhang, the English promotion song "BATTLEFIELD" MV. In the MV, it kicked off with the various weapons and props of the Shadowless Forbidden Army and the elements of the Five Armies in "The Great Wall". Zhang Jingying opened her voice emotionally and sang her tender and tactful singing, which instantly brought people's thoughts back to the ancient battlefield. .

With the goddess's heartfelt interpretation, people are looking forward to this new year's masterpiece with a super strong lineup. Director Zhang Yimou's professional attitude towards movies, coupled with the goddess's professionalism in music, is an absolute combination of powers!

In addition to such a shocking theme song, director Zhang Yimou is always attentive. In the movie, the "Shadowless Forbidden Army" is

divided into five armies according to their combat methods and weapons. Not only are deer, eagle, tiger, crane, and bear five animals represented, but they are also covered with The armor is purple, red, yellow, blue and black. The name of the "Five Armies" is based on the "Five Animals Play". Different armies use different weapons according to the characteristics of the five animals. The Lu army under the command of Huang Xuan is an infantry unit, known for its fast speed and dexterity. Its armor and weapons are purple. The Eagle Army led by Lin Gengxin is a bow and arrow force composed entirely of marksmen, with red armor and weapons; the Tiger Army led by Peng Yuyan is an engineering and agency force, and the agencies on the Great Wall are controlled by them and can be thrown by machines. The fireball is extremely lethal, and its armor and weapons are yellow; the crane army led by Jing Tian is a flying rope army. All female soldiers take advantage of the flexible and flexible characteristics of women to fight. The armor and weapons are blue; the Xiong Army that Zhang Hanyu and Lu Han are in is a melee unit, armed with iron axes and halberds to fight with beasts, and the armor and weapons are black.

The theme of the film is deep. The characters are rich and touching. Skilled use. Plain style and diverse techniques make up such an excellent film. The film shows the unique beauty of humanity and humanity of the Chinese nation.

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  • Myrl 2022-03-21 09:01:50

    Laomouzi has improved, he will not only use the human sea tactics, but also unlock the beast sea tactics. There are many stars, all working hard to give Jing Tian soy sauce. Of course, I can't blame Jing Tian. After all, I can't hold such a shape that hurts my breasts. There is no need to be black, this is already the worst time for him to be hacked, because he was blown up by gunpowder. PS: When Taotie sends a signal, I always think of Teletubbies.

  • Marcus 2022-03-21 09:01:50

    Jing Tian is like a nerd, there are too many other characters, the story is a bit Hollywood, and the art design is good, but it can't stop the setting of stupid characters that fill the screen. The inexplicable plot made the viewing effect worse and worse, and the special effects were mediocre. I hope the box office is better and make up for the reputation. Such movies are not good for a healthy market, and the negative points get out.

The Great Wall quotes

  • Commander Lin Mae: Why are you here?

    William: We came to trade.

    Commander Lin Mae: You lie. You are thieves!

  • William: I've been left for dead twice... it was bad luck.

    Ballard: For who ?

    William: The people who left me!