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Across literature and business, the variety of genres and stylized pictures are the most frequently mentioned features of director Zhang Yimou's works. As the director who opened the door to Chinese commercial blockbusters with "Heroes" back then, Zhang Yimou has always maintained a stance of exploration and change. This time, he chose the monster element for the first time in the fantasy theme, and the combination with oriental culture is really impressive Bright eyes. Mastering Hollywood's technical team, fantasy-style story imagination, and the ability to control big scenes, the word "subversion" can describe Zhang Yimou's experience in directing "The Great Wall". The trip, showing the ambition to aim at the position of Hollywood's first-line directors, has attracted the attention of the whole world.

The Hollywood production team of this film can be described as the top level in the industry. Among them, the visual effects team ILM is the industry leader in the global visual effects production. The works include the famous movies "Jurassic Park", "Avatar", "Star Wars" series, etc. Wait. The monster design and weapon prop design team, Weta Workshop, has won a number of Academy Awards, and its works include the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "The Hobbit" trilogy. He has unparalleled skills in weapons. It is precisely because of this that "The Great Wall" undoubtedly has both the standards and quality of an international giant. It is worth mentioning that the film is scheduled to be released on December 16th, two months earlier than North America, which is in line with previous Hollywood blockbusters. The comparison of schedules is an exceptional move, which not only creates a precedent, but also shows the super influence of the Chinese film market in the world.

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  • Holden 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    So even Zhang Yimou needs to go to Hollywood to be gilded, but isn't he already shining with gold...

  • Libby 2022-03-22 09:01:43

    The standard commercial popcorn that rivals Hollywood, the scene is grand! I added points for Made in China. A lot of things are actually very problematic after careful scrutiny: where is the setting of the five armies necessary? Why does the gluttonous glutton drag away the dead body of his companion? What is the plot significance of Willem Dafoe's theft of explosives? ... Anyway, there are so many questions, is the time too short to fully explain? Huang Xuan actually only has one line... Chen Xuedong is simply soy sauce~ Just take a look~

The Great Wall quotes

  • Commander Lin Mae: Why are you here?

    William: We came to trade.

    Commander Lin Mae: You lie. You are thieves!

  • William: I've been left for dead twice... it was bad luck.

    Ballard: For who ?

    William: The people who left me!