Laomouzi's gluttonous feast

Maximillian 2022-04-21 09:01:59

Personally, I don't feel bad. The bright colors are the characteristic of Director Zhang, and there is no big slot. The actor's performance was indeed a little embarrassing. A typical Hollywood blockbuster with special effects is narrow-minded compared to Zhang Yimou's early literary and artistic works with deep connotations. The times are developing, and the director also needs to support the team. Laomouzi Chao likes the Danxia landform, and he has put it on the big screen more than once, and is good at using bright colors to hit the audience's eye. It can be seen that Director Zhang is trying his best to use the Chinese elements that foreigners love and the Oriental Magic Hollywood style that the Chinese people are looking forward to. He wants to satisfy the tastes of domestic and foreign audiences to the greatest extent. As for whether you are satisfied or not, I am satisfied~

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  • Makenna 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    The most exciting part of the whole film is the technical promotional video of IMAX before the film starts. When it comes to movies, we have to say that Jing Tian's money is well spent. Lao Mouzi worked very hard to cook a pork stew for Jing Tian, ​​and hired a foreigner to accompany him to eat.

  • Johnathan 2021-11-30 08:01:27

    Andy Lau frowned, Jing Tian stared at Wang Junkai, the kid said wow!

The Great Wall quotes

  • Commander Lin Mae: Why are you here?

    William: We came to trade.

    Commander Lin Mae: You lie. You are thieves!

  • William: I've been left for dead twice... it was bad luck.

    Ballard: For who ?

    William: The people who left me!