fear of being dominated by embarrassment

Don 2022-04-21 09:01:59

I, who have successfully avoided countless bad movies this year, actually stumbled in December. At the cinema, once again, I felt the fear of being dominated by embarrassment.

The scene of the Great Wall where everyone appeared is like an exhibition of Mandarin Chinese, Taipu, Gangpu, Jingpu... and then speaking JT in English that is as beautiful as a textbook... It's too embarrassing...

The scene is huge, the scene is inexplicably big. The overall feeling is that the Chinese are very powerful and useless when fighting.

First of all, I really don't understand the JT class. Flying down and sticking a spear on Taotie, I thought she could insert several at a time, but she really can only insert one at a time? ? ? So what's the difference between that and archery? ? ? Maybe I'm too stupid to understand the meaning of director Yimou.

Another example is the scene where Zhang Hanyu and Taotie were fighting on the Great Wall. Oh my god, the shield was clattering, the spear was slamming, and looking around in the dark, it only took a minute to look at it. How could such a big battle have to fight for 300 rounds? My heart was happy, my palms were sweating, and I was eagerly looking forward to it in my seat... Then Zhang Hanyu died in the first round of his encounter with Taotie.




died? ? ? Isn't he the headmaster? Did he die like that? ? ? Is he right about his black eyeshadow? Is he right about his little tiger hat? Is he right that he is the first straight man in China in my heart?

Well, let's not talk about that. When the little emperor came out, I was very excited. Look at the innocent eyes and steady mouth of the little emperor, I think the movie must be sublimated here, it must be to cater to the myth of greedy before, and it must cause personal disasters to prove that gluttonous is a god to punish human beings for being too greedy.

With this kind of mood in mind, I was overjoyed when the European and American circle dating platform threw the ore out. I have read countless films, although I am good at love action films, but how can I not even guess the routine of digging deep into the heart of the characters?

I have always held such expectations... Then Taotie dug a tunnel at the foot of the Great Wall and escaped from prison! ! !


wow! IQ is so high!


Maybe I really think too much, this is a simple monster film.

Then I started to study the meteorite. The meteorite appeared at the beginning, and throughout the whole process, everyone was still struggling. A bunch of people caught a gluttonous glutton for meteorite research. In order to pave the way for meteorites If you break your head, it must be of great use in the back. Again and again, again and again, I bet my dignity, this time I will not be wrong!

First I thought they were going to dig for meteorites! But they didn't. I can understand this. After all, Taotie has already dug a tunnel. The military situation is urgent, and the meteorite has to be found, and it will take half an episode.

Well, I've already said that. Then I think the meteorite must have exerted a magical power when the two armies were at war.

When Andy Lau picked up the piece of ore, I was overjoyed, that's right! He was going to use the meteorite to defeat a hundred... Then he took the meteorite and put a few poses. As soon as the gluttonous came in, he threw the meteorite to JT and died.


So what are you doing down there? Wouldn't it be over if you climbed up?

Well, it must be that JT took the meteorite to defeat one hundred, and made a strong backing for Daemon. A confident smile appeared on my face.

However, you can never guess Teacher Yimou's routine, it was finally used to knock on the back of gluttonous!




Why not play cards according to the routine? ? ? ? ? ? Didn't it take a long time before the meteorite was placed next to the gluttonous food to take effect? ? ? ? ? ? Why doesn't it move when you hit it? ? ? ? ? ? Doesn't this obey the law of conservation of momentum? ? ? ? ? ? Did it take so long to talk about meteorites to popularize the treatment method for how to rescue insomnia? ? ? ? ? ?


Maybe I really think too much, it is a simple science film.


So the rhythm and foreshadowing of the whole movie gave me a feeling of taking off my pants and farting. The rhythm of the movie was very unbalanced, the foreshadowing was too long, and the result after the foreshadowing was very hasty.

It's the kind of thing that you're going to get a fatal blow after a long time of masturbation. The whole person is already fascinated and ready to attack the brain... Suddenly, I look down and find that I haven't grown a little jj.

Very frustrating.

So I have nothing to say about JT. JT was the only stable play when other plots and characters were shocking me, she was just as embarrassed as usual, not more embarrassing.

Thanks JT.

Finally, if you have to watch it, please watch the Chinese dubbed version. Don't try to challenge the English version, you'll be embarrassed to death.

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