100th anniversary of World War I

Camila 2022-04-24 07:01:22

November 11, 1918, is a documentary film commemorating the past 100th anniversary of the First World War.

After reading those old black and white photos, I realized what war is. There are many people who sing praises of war, whether it is provocative anti-war hymns, for them at that time, war life was as trivial and real as firewood, rice, oil and salt after marriage, and all our idealistic declarations today seem so pale and powerless. , For those of us who have not experienced war, there is no way to understand and explore the suffering and deepness.

What was he thinking at the moment with the bayonet in the midst of a scuffle, what kind of disease he was suffering from while marching on the road, there was nothing to eat or drink, nothing to sleep well, we thought they had been frightened all the time, but in fact they were Or else, the already numb mind is just a momentary thought about living, not dying today, and continuing to live tomorrow, everything becomes so simple and so easy to satisfy.

The part after I came back made me sad and desperate. No one wants to talk about war, some are just escaping their experience of being alive, without understanding, nice people say let life go on, so lightly and beautifully. How can those devastated hearts be comforted and comforted, and the years they have experienced, who can remember and respect such memories forever.

Respect those historical pasts, comfort those who have been hurt, listen to their stories, why not remember the suffering of war!

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  • Soldier: [waving at camera] Hi, mum.

  • Soldier: You don't look, you see. You don't hear, you listen. You taste the top of your mouth. Your nose is filled with fumes and death. But the veneer of civilization has dropped away.