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Paul wanted to be a police officer, but he took several police training exams and failed each time because of low blood sugar. So he is still a mall security guard until now.
At home, Paul eats with his mother and daughter. He was in a bad mood, and his mother suggested that he eat pie-he has no resistance to pie and beef sauce and other delicacies. His mother and daughter found him online for his other half-his ex-wife married him for a green card, and then ran away. But he would not let his daughter speak ill of his ex-wife.
A new day began. Paul rode a balance bike to work and was chased by a dog as soon as he went out.
When he arrived at the mall, Paul began to patrol around. He saw his beloved girl, drove a balance car and looked at her blankly, only to crash into the car that was exhibiting.
Back in the security room, on the surveillance, he looked at the girl again.
Paul gave feasible suggestions to his boss, but was ridiculed by his boss. Last time I asked him why he couldn't get by and go to work in peace like others.
A newcomer named Vic arrived, and he asked Paul to take the place last time.
Paul went to his beloved woman Amy to buy a wig, and at the same time Amy would go to a certain restaurant at night. Of course, he was also ridiculed by selling high-end pens, and those selling high-end pens were dating Amy.
Paul made a fool of himself in front of the newcomer-an old man driving a small electric car didn't put him in the eye; a fat woman beat him up.
It's getting off work, and Paul goes to see Amy secretly again. He plucked up the courage to ask Amy to get on the balance bike and drove her to the car in the parking lot. Amy thought he would go to the restaurant at night and gave him his mobile phone number. Paul also went to the restaurant and was ugly in the restaurant-was laughed at by the man chasing the blonde girl; compared with the fat black man, he drank a cocktail by mistake while eating nachos, and then got drunk and made
a lot of noise... in front of his beloved When the ugly Paul returned home, he was extremely depressed. Even in the virtual online world, no one liked him, he cried. The daughter came to comfort.

The next day, Paul specifically apologized to Amy. Amy was anxious to go to the bank, and she asked Paul to text her.
The head of the security department got off work and encountered several robbers. Seeing this, the head fled.
Paul was going to buy a cell phone, but it was too expensive, so his friend lent him a cell phone of his own daughter. His daughter was talking on the phone while holding the phone, which cost too much money.
In order to comfort him, the fat black man gave him a bottle of chili sauce.
Amy goes to the bank and meets the pen seller and Vic.
The owner of the game shop asked Paul to watch the shop. Paul couldn't help playing games in the game console shop, so he couldn't hear what was happening outside.
The robbers started to act and drove the customers away.
Paul continued to play singing games in the game store. The voice was loud, so even if someone knocked on the door of the game store, he didn't hear it.
The police came, and the security guards cooperated head-on.
The leader of the robber turned out to be Vic, and he let his subordinates obtain the password of each store to swipe the credit card.
Out of the game console shop, Paul received a call from his friend’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, and he wasted some time.
Paul was chased by two robbers. He was afraid and went into hiding. He called his boss, and the boss told him to come out quickly.
In the bank, Amy, the pen seller, the fat black man and others became cognitions. Vic took everyone's phones, but Amy said she didn't have a phone-she hid it under her leg. The pen seller didn't care about Amy at all, he let Vic just as he pleased.
Vic warned the police to keep the police safe and keep him clean.
Paul ran out of the mall and found that Amy's car was still in the parking lot. He couldn't leave Amy alone, so he ran back to the mall. This stunned the police chief and superiors.

Back at the mall, Paul texted Amy and asked if she was in the mall. Amy didn't dare to look at the phone and pressed the phone under her thigh.
Paul met two gangsters, a man and a woman. He hid in the air-conditioning vent of the clothing store with his legs exposed. At first, the two culprits did not find him, thinking that the two legs were plastic legs of the model. But Paul's belly kept ringing, so it leaked. The culprit poked the air-conditioning port with a steel pipe, and Paul hid, and then the air-conditioning vent collapsed, stunned the woman, and the male culprit ran away.
Paul contacted his boss, and the police chief asked him to see the hostage situation in the bank.
Vic asked his men to lock all the doors from the mall so that the slippery fish in the mall could not get out.
The army is here, and the military leader is particularly offensive. He is Paul's high school classmate and often bullies him. He refused to let Paul continue to act, but Paul did not listen to his orders on the grounds of poor signal.
Paul sneaked into the bank and found that the leader of the culprit was Vic, so he ran out quickly.
He told the boss about Vic.
A gangster came after him again. He hid in a stained thing, and then rushed out, shutting the gangster in a container of ultraviolet light--he had a good heart and put on glasses for the unconscious gangster.
Two more gangsters came, and Paul ran into the elevator. A gangster stepped on a skateboard from a height and broke the glass directly into the elevator, but was pushed down by Paul. The other chased Paul and the two chased upstairs. The culprit jumped from building to building on a skateboard, and Paul also drove a balance bike to jump over. Then he held the culprit, broke the glass on the roof, and fell into the plastic ball pool of the children's playground in the mall. Paul stunned the culprit with his head.
Paul's daughter didn't know anything and came.

Paul's daughter was caught by the gangster and locked up in the bank. The daughter told Amy that his father liked her very much.
Vic was particularly angry.
Paul talks with his daughter to save her.
Paul used various things in the mall and changed into police clothes.
In the rainforest area of ​​the playground, Paul hid in a dark place to clean up the gangsters one by one.
He was wearing a baseball jersey and used a baseball to kill another gangster.
Through Paul's online registration information, he knew that the fat girl in front of him was Paul's daughter.
Paul used the trick of adjusting the tiger away from the mountain and put the dummy on the balance bike. Vic was fooled, shot, and ran back to the bank when he found out.
Paul wants to save everyone out. He has already roped Amy and his daughter into the air-conditioning duct. But the fat black man was too heavy and pulled everyone from the ceiling.
Vic drove Amy and his daughter out of the underground parking garage.
Paul drove out of the mall in the exhibition car, and the soldier got into the car, and the two chased him together.
Paul jumped from his car to Vic's car, instead of jumping into the car, he jumped to the side of the road. But he took the trail and turned into the airport.
Before the private jet, Paul and Vic fought. He pretended to faint, and when Vic was unprepared, he smashed Vic and handcuffed him.
The military leader came, but he didn't expect that he was also a bad guy. But at the very moment, the military chief was shot-the security chief shot a shot with a policeman's pistol.
In the morning, Paul and Amy kissed each other. The police chief invited Paul to his department, but Paul declined. He said that the mall security suits him.

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