The cruelty of reality and the sorrow of the little people at the bottom.

Maxwell 2022-04-23 07:05:43

Because of Huang Hai, my favorite Korean movie, I revisited it again today and it is still perfect. The helplessness and sadness of the little people are depicted. Simply put. Two groups of people went to kill the professor. One was the president of the Korean underworld who asked his subordinates to find someone to kill the professor. Because, the professor slept with his mistress. Several points were expressed. First, his mistress wore the same shirt as the professor. second. After his mistress had sex with the boss for the second time, she asked the boss why he did this. Aren't you two very good. Although he didn't say who, he was alluding to the professor. Third, before the president died, he kept saying that you slept with my woman, and that I was going to kill you at my house.

Then the president's second-hand subordinates bribed the professor's driver. The driver found two small cards to kill the professor, and the professor killed him. Later, the driver went up and killed the professor. In the end, He Zhengyu went up and chopped off the professor's finger and killed the driver.

The second wave of people was that the bank section chief hired someone to kill the professor, because he had an affair with the professor's wife, and it happened that the bank's inheritance was also convenient. (The late waiter was caught in the movie, which is reflected). Then the waiter helped him find Lao Mian from Yanbian, and Lao Mian looked for He Zhengyu.

Then the professor died and Ha Jung-woo ran away. The president thought that Ha Zhengyu was hired by himself, so he said that he would find Ha Zhengyu before the police, fearing that he would confess himself after being caught. In fact, the president didn't know that Ha Jung-woo wasn't the one he hired. After checking a few people responsible for smuggling, it was found that He Zhengyu was sent by Lao Mian. It's okay for the president to kill Lao Mian, so that even if the police catch He Zhengyu, Lao Mian will not be able to find him if he is dead. So he sent a few small cards to Yanbian to kill Lao Mian, but Lao Mian killed them. He also knew from the president's mouth that the president also sent someone to kill the professor, so he planned to go to South Korea to blackmail the president. . After I went there, I told you that I would help you catch Ha Zhengyu, and you gave me 30 million yuan. Anyway, Lao Mian in South Korea can pretend to be x, although the president agreed. But my mind is in my South Korea, my land card, I can let you live, just after Lao Mian called the president and said where I am, you came and we were talking about things, and fell asleep just after gnawing on the bones. The president sent another group of people to kill Lao Mian, only to be beaten by Lao Mian with a bone stick. This time, Lao Mian has corns, and single-handedly finds the boss's nest and kills his subordinates and perishes with the boss.

Besides, Ha Zhengyu, he didn't want to kill for money at first, he mainly wanted to come to Korea to pay off his debts and find a wife. I mainly want to see if his wife has run away with the Koreans. He doesn't want to live like a dog anymore. Who knew that he was played by Lao Mian after he came to Korea. Lao Mian didn't want him to come back at all, saying that the ship that came back was a lie. Even if he is a smuggler who is caught in South Korea, no one will believe what he says. After Ha Zhengyu chopped off the professor's finger, he was chased all the way. The police also chased, Lao Mian chased for 30 million, and watched TV in the middle. It said that a fishmonger had dismembered the body of a Chinese Korean woman. He felt that it was his daughter-in-law, because the name of the fishmonger’s company on TV It was the same name as the fishmonger he found with his daughter-in-law at the beginning, and it was also said to be a Chinese woman in her 30s. The fishmonger inside also said that the Chinese woman was killed because she wanted to go back to China. . . . . So most people feel that her daughter-in-law is dead. . . In the end, when her daughter-in-law came out of the train station, it was Ha Zhengyu's death that he thought, or an open ending. . . But I personally don't think so, because the director is very vague on several points in it. First, although the company of the fishmonger on TV is the same as that of the man He Zhengyu was looking for, the murderer on TV wears a mask. . Second, Ha Zhengyu called the police station to ask the name of the deceased, but he was not sure. third. The most important point. He Zhengyu sent someone to recognize the corpse. The man said something, it was so vague, who could recognize it, but in order to make money, he told He Zhengyu that it was his daughter-in-law. He Zhengyu asked him if he was sure, but he didn't. OK to make money say OK. Fourth, and finally, when his daughter-in-law came out of the train station, it was very clear that his daughter-in-law did not die, and finally returned to China.

In the middle stage, He Zhengyu thought that his daughter-in-law was dead, and there was no hope of returning to China. He was already disheartened and didn't want to live. But after thinking about it all night, he felt that he should fully understand why he was asked to kill the professor. So he went back to the professor's house and saw the professor's daughter-in-law. He asked the professor's daughter-in-law, why is this? Who hired someone to kill her husband, and the professor's daughter-in-law said that her husband was not only the professor but also a member of the gang, and he might be with him. Competitor president. He was about to track down the president's side, but halfway through the investigation, he was caught by two little girls who had never killed anyone. After being killed by He Zhengyu, he found out that it was actually A section chief of the bank sent someone to kill him, and it was also the professor that the section chief sent him to kill. He went to the bank early the next day and wanted to know why he was asked to kill the professor, but when he saw the professor's wife sitting at the bank, he understood. The two have one leg. However, it is certain that the two of them have an affair, but one point is very metaphorical. Does the professor's wife know that her lover's bank section chief also sent someone to kill her husband.

Overall, it's a sad story of a small character, very bleak. I watched it once before and thought it was pretty good, but I don't know why it is called Huang Hai. This time, I understood a lot of people who didn't understand, and I knew why it was called the Yellow Sea. The last place where Ha Zhengyu died was the Yellow Sea.

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  • Tyshawn 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    It's too bloody, the girls don't care, the front is not bad, but 150 minutes is too long. After the filming, the director couldn't take it anymore. The Korean films always work hard and die when they see blood, and the problem of losing control comes out again. Pour blood...

  • Keith 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    The female characters in this film are either cheating or on their way to cheating, and the rest are dead. It is really all the imagination of the bottom male diaosi about women. In this sense, it is realistic.

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  • Gu-nam: Who's the boss here?