The whole film can be described as a micro-knowledge

Lavonne 2022-04-19 09:03:16

7.5 points, [HKIFF#5] A typical drama that sees the big from the small. But when the movie saw the interruption, it was possible to roughly guess what was going to happen next. This is probably the biggest shortcoming of this movie. It lacks new ideas. common practice. The biggest advantage of the film is in its content. It tells about the deep relationship between the two countries through a trivial matter. , the process of seeing the light. The cause here becomes no longer important, it becomes an 'opportunity', and the process of court debate becomes the process of uncovering the painful history. What the film wants to convey is that the painful history has already happened. Staying in my heart will only increase the pain. Only by speaking about the pain and understanding each other can we soothe the pain.

The play is neat and clear, and sometimes I feel that it is too clear, for fear that the audience will not be able to see it.

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