Big river = tiger = tiger in palm

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The tiger in the palm, as the name suggests, takes the palm of your hand as the size, and is just enough to put down the tiger.
Among Rie Ningnomiya's works, my favorite is the dragon and the tiger. The character of Dahe is very vividly portrayed by her.
This is a movie I watched a few years ago, but the review has dragged on to this day.
Dahe is arrogant, but compared to other Ding Gong Sanmeng, it is different. 614 is the arrogance of a younger girl, the eldest miss is a little more self-willed and arrogant, but Dahe, her arrogance is arrogant. There are more ingredients than Jiao, proud and confident, Jiao cute.
Tigers are scary and violent, and strangers should not enter, but the real river is clumsy, strong, and lonely.
Such an unknown river can only be seen by Takasu Ryuer, and only the dragon can understand the tiger.
In front of outsiders, Dahe always arm herself, protect herself firmly, and don't let anyone get close. Therefore, she is very lonely. She has always been alone, living alone, eating fast food from the supermarket, alone. Waiting for Santa Claus, until I met the dragon.
Long'er can tolerate Dahe, willing to accompany her willfully, crazy, and considerately make lunch for her, knowing that the girl she really likes will misunderstand, but Longer can't leave Dahe alone, he can't worry about this tiger, This clumsy, strong, lonely tiger.
However, just like what Ami said, this game cannot go on forever, it will end one day, whether it is Dahe or Shinairi, they all know what they want to do, only Longer, who has been erratic, he You can sew chest pads for Dahe's swimsuit, cook lunch, and chase boys. This is Long'er's thoughtfulness, but it is also a deadly poison.
Long'er likes Shi Nai Li because of the other party's sunny smile and energetic personality, but he likes Dahe, but there are too many mixed in it, it is impossible to tell.
On Christmas Eve, Da He prepared everything for Long'er's confession. She wanted to repay Long'er. However, in Long'er's cognition, it seemed that the days of slapstick could go on without change. He didn't even think about it. Really confess.
Good boy Da He, Long Er dressed as a bear, he changed his suit for a Christmas bear outfit. He should have confessed, but he couldn't let the tiger go. He ran to Da He, but was easily said by Da He in two words. , He never understood what he wanted.
Dahe relied on Long'er until that reliance turned into a love. She wanted to keep Long'er, but couldn't, because Shi Naili was her friend. For them, even if Long'er was not by her side tomorrow, it didn't matter.
Under the bridge, in the icy lake, Takasu Ryuer said to Aizaka Taihe, "Marry me!"
Dahe knew that she had always relied too much on Long'er, so she left alone. She needed to live an independent life and no longer depend on Long'er. This is the tiger's promise to the dragon.
In the last scene, the tiger and the dragon, at the initial starting point, drew a happy ending for their own love.

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