Why build a big Buddha statue to smash Wu Zetian? ——Questions after watching "Di Renjie: The Empire of Heaven"

Morton 2022-04-21 09:03:12

1. The tall statue of Wu Zetian is really a magnificent spectacle, the imagination is awesome. But being able to figure out how to kill someone with such a big thing is a bit of a stretch. It is a bit too much to be able to easily kill the prince and Dali Siqing, grab the military order to mobilize the army, raise a large number of poisonous beetles, and be able to fly over the eaves and walls, but it takes seven or eight years to build a sledgehammer to kill Wu Zetian. Why don't you just click to kill the queen, or why doesn't the method of directly killing the queen work? He has endured the pain for seven or eight years, but in a short time he killed the big ally of the prince. Is he lacking in brains? Is he really lacking? It can be said that this person is inhuman and brainless. In other words, the plot is inhumane, and the imagination of the martial arts kidnaps reasonable logic.

2. The poisonous scarabs are really powerful. It is more reliable for Shatuo to build an artificial rain machine to sprinkle poisonous rain into the imperial city. It's all over when it's raining and sunny.

3. Is there any love factor between Andy Lau, Li Bingbing and Deng Chao? Why do I think Deng Chao's albinism fell in love with Shangguan. But I also felt that the director himself really didn't mean it. And Di Renjie has no love for Shangguan. I think the script was written as if it had to make Shangguan fall in love with Di Renjie. But if you take off your clothes and block your sword, it is worth the Shangguan to ask Wu Zetian: Is it worth loving him? Not here. Shangguan's love for Di had not been foreshadowed before. She was obviously afraid that Wu Zetian would kill her. And albinism is a foreshadowing, it seems that he cares about other girls very much. It can be seen that one or two lenses are enough to pave the way.

4. Setting up a ghost city This place is also very imaginative. Another spectacle.

5. What I don't understand is: how did the national teacher in red in the ghost city clone? Isn't Shangguan Jing'er the national teacher?

6. When Wu Zetian met Di Renjie in the evening, how did she see how she dressed like a French. Datang is indeed very international. Looking at the picture, do you think it is very fashionable? Can you recognize Wu Zetian by looking at the pictures without watching the movie? impossible!

Mr. Tsui Hark's movie with a mix of martial arts is good and has a great imagination. Be demanding in the plot and character description, make jokes, and express your feelings after watching.

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    If Di Renjie raises the dragon's mace to attack Wu Zetian in the end, will this be the beginning of Chinese legal society?

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    The core of the story can be condensed into three words: see the light and die.

Detective Dee: The Mystery of the Phantom Flame quotes

  • Detective Dee: Shatuo... do you still remember Donkey Wang? Luoyang City Was built a thousand years ago. The old city subsided during the Han dynasty. A new city was built on top during the Sui dynasty. The old underground city became a black market. They call it the Phantom Bazaar.

  • Empress Wu Zetian: Remember, when one's aim is to achieve greatness... everyone is expendable.