You can go against the sky, but the reality has no solution

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Black Americans were rashly shot to death by white law enforcement officers. This problem has existed since the trafficking of black slaves. Today, the frequency and social impact of President Trump's administration have increased sharply. This film takes this as the social background and uses the techniques of science fiction movies to mirror this bloody death of the United States.

The protagonist CJ, a contemporary black female high school student, has a very high IQ and strong hands-on skills. I am not ashamed of my mastery of advanced physics. I was ashamed of my classmate Sebastian, who made two backpacks in the garage at home. They were actually able to traverse. Time machine to the past. So and so, it really makes us lament that our years have lived on dogs...

Although she has a clever mind and an invention against the sky, she is also an ordinary person and has to meet the sudden crit of life-her brother Calvin was shot and killed innocently by a white policeman. Within a day, the yin and yang of the loved ones are separated in an instant.

Who is her brother Calvin? In our words, it's just on the street, not going to school, not going to work, and wandering around with a bunch of buddies all day long. However, he loved his sister and stepped forward to drive away the gangster who had harassed her; he respected his mother and regarded his dead father's military card as a treasure. This person isn't really bad, he's just a problem kid who didn't find a way out for a while. His death was unfortunate, but was it an accident? Not at all. At the beginning of the film, a piece of news about black youths being shot and killed innocently by white police officers was broadcast, pointing directly to a social reality: such bloody things have gradually become the norm.

After reading this, the ranks may think that the white policemen are really fucking, but they are also very aggrieved: We were dispatched only after receiving a report of armed robbery, and it is also part of our business to investigate suspicious passers-by. The United States can't help but guns. Every criminal may have a deadly weapon that instantly opens a hole. How do we know that all he took out of his pants pocket was just a mobile phone? In case I or my partner in life and death took a gun, would it not be a tragedy, or a failure in law enforcement? We won't be scolded anymore? Unreasonable!

I have to say that the child CJ does not blame God, does not hate the government, and is strong (she can't make such a big name without a firm will) cheering up and choosing an incredible way to change his life: use a time machine to return In the past, save my brother.

For the first time, she was blocked and pursued by the gangster who had harassed herself before, and she was late to the scene of the crime and failed.

For the second time, she decided to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank to prevent the robbery. Although she saved her brother, Sebastian, who was traveling together, was unfortunately shot and killed by the bandits.

For the third time, she finally arrived in time, but witnessed the death of her brother with her own eyes.

the fourth time……

The movie is over, an open ending. Unpleasant, a big stone was pressed in his chest.

CJ may not know, but we can't help but understand: she repeatedly hits the wall, not only because she wants to play with people like the "Butterfly Effect" trilogy, but also because she challenges the extremely heavy social reality of the United States. .

This story takes place in Brooklyn, New York, a slum that is famous in the United States and the world. Blacks are the main residents, the population explodes, pollution is serious, public security is extremely poor, and gun drugs are rampant. A large number of idle and idle people may transform into social instability at any time. No wonder there are frequent harassment and crimes, no wonder the police there are like enemies.

The problem there is racial discrimination on the surface, but inside it is a huge contradiction caused by the gap between the rich and the poor. The people there are poor, and there are only a few ways out: a better chance to get higher education with their heads and hard work, and finally get recognized to enter the mainstream society (for example, CJ and Sebastian are recognized by their white science teachers); almost missed Higher education institutions have to find their own way out as soldiers or blue-collar workers, working hard at the bottom for a lifetime, using the Bible, TV shows and antidepressants to support them, and placing their hopes on future generations, such as the parents of CJ and Calvin; the rest; , Just like Calvin, first go on the street, grow up a little gang, and eventually die of bullets, drugs, AIDS or prison.

CJ alone is fighting against the polluted area of ​​the state machinery. Even though she has strange wisdom and can go against the sky, how can she solve the social problems that can't be improved by the social elites? Foolish old man moved the mountain is just a myth; behind that lies the countless blood and tears and sadness of the little people.

After we watched the movie, after the poor little girl was in vain, lamented the Americans' sadness, and laughed at Trump for uselessness, thinking should not stop there. The phenomenon exposed by movies is actually universal. Isn't there any such thing in our country at all? Whether it is or not, at least we don't have a time machine. To build a fair, people-rich, legal, and just country is a long way to go, but we have to rely on our blood and sweat to achieve it.

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