"Chick" I want a summer like this too

Johan 2022-10-28 00:57:32

A friend's writing class asked me to talk about a recent movie that impressed me a lot. I thought about it and chose Cheek.

The teenage male protagonist has many teenage worries. The arrival of a Russian transfer student, Chick, has changed everything. This summer, Chick experienced the male protagonist to steal a car on the road and completed a journey of growth. Like most of us growing up, I can't tell where my body has changed, but when I go back to school, those teenagers' troubles disappeared like smoke.

The film begins with the plight of the young male protagonist:

The male protagonist (sorry I completely forgot his name) has been expecting the well-developed big-breasted girl in the class to notice him. He painted the girl's portrait and prepared birthday gifts, but almost everyone in the class received birthday party invitations , except him.

He was frustrated and lost, but there was nothing he could do, because he was too embarrassed to ask why you didn't invite me, and I prepared a gift for you -- that's not cool.

Well, it's all about teenagers.

What are the characteristics of the protagonist?

The male protagonist is such a crooked little boy who cannot get the favor of the goddess. That invitation seems to be the meaning of his life. Yes, he can't think of other meanings in life.

How did the beginning of the story grab my attention?

All the classmates took the birthday party invitations and left school happily. Facing the goddess to leave, he mustered up his courage several times, but several times he did not dare. When I saw this, I was completely brought into the predicament of the role.

This is an embarrassing situation that every boy encounters.

How do operations and major conflicts escalate?

As a road movie, the action of the male protagonist is passive on the road, and the main conflict is a very old-fashioned story technique. What should I do if I run out of gas? What if the police ask for a driver's license? What should I do if the tire blows out and can't be repaired? Brought a can and couldn't open it, and a frozen pizza but no oven.

The escalation of the conflict is the middle and latter part of the male protagonist's adventure. After experiencing the hospitality of the Harmony family, taking in the homeless girl and quickly kissing goodbye, Chick hurt his foot when repairing the broken bridge, so he can only let the male protagonist who can't drive drive on the road.

Finally got into a car accident.

by surprise

The most unexpected thing for me was that Chick drove the stolen car with the male protagonist, went straight to the goddess birthday party, presented the picture, and left the school super coolly under the watchful eyes of a group of high school students. . Commonly known as a cold pretending man.

This unconscious behavior is simply a girl killer.

The best part is that it is unexpected but completely believable. If someone in high school shows up in such an attitude and leaves neatly, it will be a miracle in the eyes of the whole class. This miracle was created by Chick, but Chick taught it to the male protagonist.

What emotion does it evoke? How?

Reminds me of a comment I read before about Wang Xiaobo:

It is a state of extreme natural stretch of life.

That's what's so moving about this movie, it reminds me of one of the few highlights of my life. Those moments were free and full of life, as if I would never grow old. Nothing can beat me.

Cheek's brave and reckless, deviant, but in his own eyes, nothing is what I want to do.

As long as you figure this out, your life should be full of highlights.

How does the story evoke emotions in the audience? This question really stumped me

The plight of the male protagonist reflects the reality that every audience wants to get rid of. The appearance of Cheek, in the form of a general arrangement of fate, rescued the male protagonist from the predicament he did not know.

He handsomely dragged the male protagonist out of the birthday party to see a bigger and more handsome world. This behavior is also the redemption I vaguely expect in my heart. Let me not worry about the trivial matters in front of me, let me go on the road in time, not to pursue freedom, but, I am freedom itself, and I can control my own life.

After a summer that is so cool that it takes off, everything is different.

I also want a summer like this.

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