young male protagonist

Arielle 2022-07-13 20:30:36

Three years later, this magical mini-world has continued again, and with good news, there will be a third installment.

In the second part, the world has become more magical and interesting, and many unimaginable things have been revealed, but the structure of the story is still a little different, no wonder the IMDB rating is as low as 4.9, I always think Lucbe Song is a good storyteller, but why hasn't the structure of these two cartoons been very reasonable?

The heroine jumps out at the end of the film. And it is still an old problem. The climax of the visual impact is concentrated in the first half, and there is a little surprise at the end. The BOSS has come to the real world, so the next part is very much looking forward to.

There is a problem. After three years, the male protagonist still hasn't grown up, and he still looks like that. The growth rate is not as fast as "Harry Potter" at all.

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