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"My One and the Only"
is ashamed, the heroine is not that pretty, but super confident. She failed many times to find a marriage partner, and she was nervous about money. She even went to pawn jewelry and a car, and even met a robber who hitchhiked, but she always smiled, even if her son George argued with her to go back to find his father and stay at her sister's house. Without erasing her smile and grace, this toughness reminds me of Scarlett, the protagonist of Gone with the Wind. As a woman, I am ashamed.
The following are reproduced:
1. a lady should never do what anyone expects of her.
2. what u do while ur in a room is never as important as how u enter or leave it.
3. never contradict a woman while ur in ur puts u at a grear disadvantage.
4. it is so nice to c there r still some gentlemen left.(grab taxi~)
5. 2950,fred,or were out of here faster than a cat in a rainstorm. (Buying a car to bargain)
6. What ur father knows about women wouldnt begin to fill a postcard. that man's all potatoes and no meat.
7. sarcasm is the refuge of scoundrels. (sarcasm is an excuse for a rogue)
8. things might be bad sometimes, but in the end, everything works out.
9. no matter what happens in our lives, there r standards we must maintain.
10. a woman never appears more intelligent to a man than when she's listening to him.
11. I don't know if I love you, but I don't need you anymore. (The conductor's ex-husband went to the Los Angeles hotel to find her, she said to him)
12. I like the monologue of her son at the end of the film:
I often think about those months we spent on the road together, trying to find someone to take care of us. What we found instead was that we didn't need anyone else, that we could take of ourselves--just fine.
Renee played Mother Ann ran away from home with her children and traveled across the United States after discovering her husband was cheating on her. Meeting all kinds of men on the road, she has been trying to remarry, giving her two sons a stable life and a complete home. She was not a successful mother at first, but after a long road trip, she became independent. She always treats life brightly, no matter how many difficulties she faces with a smile, she always says: the things will work out, they always do. Her son George has been separated from her, but in the end she returns to her mother Beside them, their lives are gradually on the right track.
The film is George Hamilton's own story, which he told in memory of his great mother.
Renee Zewig played this mother to the fullest. She is not a mother herself, so how can she play a mother in adversity so realistically? You can see her great acting skills. No wonder even George Hamilton himself said, "I don't think Renee Zellweger doesn't look anything like my mother, but her acting skills and ability are able to appropriately express the emotional experience of her mother at that time. I was attracted by Zellweger. The performance of the grid has conquered."
In fact, everyone should watch the movie by themselves, and there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people.
The reason I'm so emotional about this movie is because she portrays the affection so lightly but genuinely.
My lover is not my only one, my mother is my only one, my one and the only one.
Renee's blond curly hair, her white skin, her red lips, and that smiling face combined are like a class at this moment. my mom.
She also represents every great strong mother in the world.
The modern version of Scarlett
They are all southern beauties, always with the charm of attracting the opposite sex.
They have a soft and strong personality, and they are optimistic and optimistic in any difficult situation.
They always pay attention to maintaining a good posture. Even if you get pushed out of a car, even if you are put on a pigeon, even if you go to a detention center, even if you are disappointed again and again, even if you act as an extra on the set as a slave, "there is no need to be disheveled," she said.
In the 1860s she said, "Tomorrow is a new day"; in the 1950s she said, "Never look in the rearview mirror".
Yes, My one and only, this song is not for a lover, but for a son to a wonderful mother, a modern version of the beautiful late but never give up Scarlett.
I don't know if I love you, but I don't need you anymore.
At the beginning of the movie I thought it was a comedy, at least the scene where Ann zips up for her husband's lover is rather dark humor, and for most of the first time I was as confident as George that Ann would come back after spending all her money. Going to my husband in New York, it wasn't until this mother scolded her son for not resenting his father, and told him how much his father loved him, that it wasn't a bad run away, although I didn't feel sorry for him when the conductor chased after Sunshine City. Their reunion was still a fantasy, but I was still shocked when Ann said "I don't know if I still love you, but I know I don't need you anymore"!
The underappreciated female version of "When Happiness Comes Knocking" Murong Yan 4 2009-12-18 20:50:26 I
was just looking for a relaxing movie to pass the time. Since Renee has always been the spokesperson for a relaxing romantic comedy, I chose After reading this, I didn't expect that the emotion after watching it was far more than relaxed. Even though I know that the end must be a happy ending, the process still makes my heart hang again and again.
With so many "opportunities", Renee's mother Ann can take a fork in the road from now on, not to mention so many despair and blows, just being arrested for prostitution in a hotel is enough to make most people The woman collapsed and fell, but she survived with the nobility and grace of a Lady, and was always decent. When her sister Hope complained to her that life is so unfair, you can be as tall as a cat and live your elegant life, just because you are beautiful, Ann always said gracefully, it is because I still have faith in life .
Hope really doesn't understand that bitterness, beauty and nobility have no causal relationship. Maybe "secret makes a woman woman", but bravery makes a lady lady.
It's not right to think it's not a big deal because of the ordeal that Ann went through just because of the director's handling. "When Happiness Comes Knocking" was so popular back then, most people were moved by the superhuman strength of his father, and the director of this film did not focus on describing Ann's emotional changes in the face of difficulties, but focused on "what she did", This is the greatness, the strength that is truly unmarked. Ann in the play is somewhat hard-hearted, but she understands where she is heading, and at the same time can handle the adolescent emotions of her two sons very well, so it seems that her way of dealing with her two sons is more like a teacher. Father. (I really admire another son, Robbie, who has a surprisingly good psychological quality along the way, and can be violent at critical moments.)
Maybe some actions will leave some shadows in the hearts of the two sons, but just like the end of the film, George finally I understand her mother and the reality. It was Ann who brought them into the happy ending with her great strength.
After watching this film, the first thing I thought of was "When Happiness Comes Knocking", if it is true It's really unfair to ignore the film just because the director didn't express Ann's pain hoarsely. The father played by Will Smith is unkempt and unkempt because of lack of sleep, and when a woman faces the collapse of her life, what she should retain most is her nobility, elegance, and restraint, even if she is just a waitress.
Wait until the scenery can be seen through Liuqiao 4 2010-02-05 15:57:09
Wait until the scenery is seen through, maybe you will accompany me to watch the water flow...
The lyrics in "Red Bean" suddenly flashed after watching this movie in my heart. Although the absurd stories and characters in the film are completely out of line with such lyrical and affectionate expressions, although such a film is not about love.
The middle-aged wife, because of her disappointment with her husband, finally chose to leave, and with her two sons, she began to run away and pursue all the way. Women in that era had no status of their own, especially like this woman who had always considered herself noble, the only purpose of running away was to find another man who was willing to marry her to support herself and her children. However, the reality is really hilarious.
The husband who is the band conductor has an affair with his singer at home, and is just bumped by his wife who just came back. Such a husband is bad enough, but who knows, when his wife leaves, the men he meets are actually one Worse than one, one is more perverted, some have been reduced to shamelessly stealing women's money because of business failure, some are sanctimonious, but they are actually ruthless and selfish; But all the warmth and the "nobility" of "people don't know but don't shy" are just because of mental problems, it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, and it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. Along the way, the disappointment all the way, the blow all the way.
Wait until the scenery is clear. Only then did the woman realize that the worst husband was still the best man, at least he still knew responsibility, and he still thought of them all the time. As for the husband, he has been spending a lot of time and being romantic everywhere. However, after reading the style, he realized that his wife is the most attractive and the person who can give him the most stability and warmth. At this point, the story seems to have a happy ending, the wife who ran away returned, the romantic husband receded, and everyone continued to live happily. But in this way, the society and crowds in the first half of the film, which are photographed with fun-hook mirrors, are meaningless. So the wife refused her husband's invitation. So, after that, the film arranged the death of the husband and the tears of the wife.
My one and only!
Waiting until the scenery is seen through, but can never return to the original point, it is meaningless to return, and that person is no longer there. When I see through the scenery, I realize that I am the only one I have. There is no love, and there is no so-called dependence. However, just relying on myself, I can still live well. The best part of the film is that women find themselves and sons find themselves. It turned out that, along the way, what he was really looking for was not any "he", but himself.
My one and only! I have only, and only, myself!

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