fuzzy memory

Sophia 2022-10-23 23:39:35

I remember watching it with my mother on CCTV-6 when I was in elementary school. So, sometimes CCTV is also reliable.
Up to now, some of the content of the film has been very vague, and there are very few information on the Internet.
The flashback begins, with two women being questioned at the police station, who killed the nasty husband, the wife or the wife's friend?
It seems that there is no conviction in the police station in the end, and the friendship of the two women has withstood the test.

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Mortal Thoughts quotes

  • James: Where's Mr. Morehead?

    Joyce: Who?

    James: You know, Mr Morehead.

    Joyce: Who's that?

    James: Arthur, got more head than hair.

  • James: You take a pencil, a piece of paper, S-U-G-E-R, this is what we need.