'Red Hill': Another End-to-End Movie

Berenice 2022-07-17 23:15:57

Q: What is a "first and last movie"?
L: It doesn't mean that the beginning and the end are well shot, or that you know the ending as soon as you see the beginning, but that you only need to watch the beginning and the end of this kind of movie.

Q: Don't you usually see something boring and just say "Boss, change the disc"?
L: This kind of film has its peculiarities. That is to say, the setting of the main line suspense of the film is successful. Take "Red Hills" as an example. After finding out that the men in the towns were sorry for the fugitives, the audience wanted to know what was going on. This is a good piece of dough, and steamed buns are suitable, but the creator of the film is stunned to tear him into noodles.

Q: The middle plot has nothing to do with suspense?
L: It is related to the small suspense, such as whether the fugitive can survive, whether Sean can survive, etc. It has nothing to do with the main suspense. It’s like ordering food. I was shown the menu early on. I also ordered it with halal seeds. The food I asked for finally came, and I was too hungry.

Q: The photos on the menu are so good.
L: The final dishes are also good. The experience of the fugitive in "Red Hills" is indeed tragic, and his behavior is also worthy of understanding and admiration. At the end, my nose was sore, but when I recall the process of fast-forwarding the movie all the way, I can't help but feel sorry, it's a good one The subject matter is wasted.

Q: There is a break and a stand.
L: Don't separate the good from the evil too early. From the very beginning, I felt that the police were not good people. I don't need to worry about it afterwards. The film has been using various details to emphasize that these people are not good people. Of course, there is no need to set off smoke bombs and make the police look like Lei Feng. The average person is good. The bad guys have their faces written on their faces, but most of them don't. They are just a bunch of normal police officers. During the process of the fugitives approaching, due to pressure, guilt, arrogance, etc., they slowly revealed their past sins. In this way, the bad people can be distinguished and full, and the relationship between Sean and these bastards has also changed. Can be more calm and playful. If you do this, at least it won't be a first-to-last movie. Even if the audience is scolded, it will be better than fast-forwarding all the way. For filmmakers, this is the biggest shame.

Q: I see that in your viewing notes, there are other contents about the rationality of lynching, legal blind spots, and the ban on criminals using martial arts. Don't you want to talk about it?
L: The text is too bad to be worth talking about.

Liu Qiang Ai's "Red Hills" in Episode 112: Another First and Last Movie

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