A passable film with no major problems

Lourdes 2022-10-25 14:04:35


Watching Uncle Yan value screaming all the way

Blouse Man is so handsome, so handsome, so handsome, so flirtatious, so sexy, so sexy, so sexy

And he is really serious and hard at selling clothes hahahahaha

Just thinking about viggo's ice cream vendor for a day thinks actors are all such amazing creatures, because they themselves are just so different from their characters

And who would have thought that Uncle's characters were so sexy and unruly when he was young, but now that he is old, he is elegant and gentle, the contrast is too great, the heart can't stand it, and he is so handsome

The heroine is also beautiful, beautiful, and has a good body. Beautiful women should be with handsome guys. They are really sexy and sexy. ah ah ah ah ah

The whole movie is the kind of family movie you can think of that does not roll over and play normally. There are different opinions on how to deal with family problems [family, husband and wife, children]. After all, family, sometimes it just can't solve in one word. And it's never easy to break up and just walk away. So I guess, that's it.

From the perspective of women today, many problems can basically be explained in a few sentences, and then more extended problems or more in-depth problems can be explained from this. The limitations of oneself [neutral word] may only be mentioned here.

The only thing is that I feel that Blouse Man is so pitiful. In the end, the sad eyes in the sunset, and in the end, he will always be like an outsider or tool person, which is very sad. [So don't be a third party, you will become unfortunate]

To be honest, there is nothing for V to play in the whole article. It really feels like a vase character [dbq], just emitting hormones, and it is better than the male lead. It is hard not to let people stand up for the Blouse Man and the female lead. cp. At least that's how it was for me at first. But later, in the showdown between the heroine and the hero, the male lead was so good, in contrast, the female lead in that scene was not so in-depth. And the texture of the robot that dances with the song behind the male protagonist is really fun, it fits the image of a science student (stereotype), and the machine reveals another person trying new things. The cuteness of the soul, not a working machine.

The image of the grandmother inside is really reasonable, only proper stitching is done, but the final conversation is still left to the heroine and the hero. The heroine ran away with her children and Blouse Man, who lived a sexy, thoughtful and romantic life and loved children.

In fact, I quite like the clothes and collocations of that era, and the heroine's clothes are also very beautiful. [But I'm actually, IMHO, I can't really get that purple T-shirt, maybe it shows my figure, who knows, it's the function that the plot needs anyway.

The parallel comparison line between the heroine and the daughter is also good. The mother and daughter reflect each other. The daughter's rebellion and growth are also a very important part of the family's continuous evolution.

Anyway, the overall is still good, suitable for licking the screen. Execution, there is nothing wrong with photography, lighting, composition, scheduling, editing and music. I felt bad because I didn't expect much. It's okay to watch it as a no-brainer movie. Anyway, I can't give any answers or ideas for the questions that require brain-thinking, so just take a look.

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