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When Walker and Pearl had their first tryst, Pearl was a little nervous and took a step forward, Walker asked her gently: Want me to stop, Pearl?

Alison came to period for the first time, she said: Don't tell Daddy i got my period.
It's too late, her dad's remote call is on the radio: Long-distance telephone call for Alison Kantrowitz. It's your father! You're a woman now, Alison. Mazel tov, darling. And may you be blessed with a happy marriage and many many beautiful children.
Everyone around stopped to applaud her, and Alison ran away in a super humiliating way (this section made me laugh)

Marty's mother just asked Pearl to pick her up when she found out that Pearl was having an affair. Blueberry, and then told her that Marty gave up her childhood dreams for marriage, and gave up the opportunity to go to college, which Pearl didn't know before, and used this to persuade Pearl, and she couldn't see the slightest accusation at all.

When Pearl went to break up with Walker for the first time, Walker simply said: I understand.

After Marty found out that Pearl was having an affair, he became angry with the children, the little boy was very sad, Pearl comforted him that Daddy was just upset , honey. He's mad at Mommy. He wanted you with him because he loves you so much.
The little boy asked: Why is he mad at you?
Mom said: Sometimes grown-ups have fights just the way kids do. And sometimes they have to think things over before they can make up.

Alison deliberately got mad at her mother after knowing that she was having an affair, saying that she would go all the way with Ross. ( Did all of it)
and later admitted that she didn't actually have sex with Ross, and Mom said with relief: Save the home run for somebody really special, okay

In the end, Walker appeared at Pearl's house and rescued the little boy who was stung by bees. After Pearl's husband arrived at the camp, he calmly said thank you to the third party.

There are many Hippies in the movie. I don't know what I want to express. Do I want to compare their free and uninhibited life with Pearl's sense of restraint as a housewife?

I came to see it because I was in the nympho Viggo (Viggo is really a good partner of housewives, always available), I don’t know if these are just written like this in movies, or in reality, American communication is really so mature and full of understanding , support and love. The summer camp is beautiful. What is even better is the tolerance between people, and the attitude and courage to deal with the disappointment of life. Also the songs are nice.

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  • Lilian Kantrowitz: You gonna hold onto that the rest of the afternoon, Selma?

  • Alison Kantrowitz: You love the blouseman more than all of us?

    Pearl Kantrowitz: No. Sometimes it's easier to be different with a different person.