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Alysha 2022-07-17 22:49:12

Trust me, this movie is definitely a good movie.
The way of expression is relatively unique, it can be said that the first half of the plot is smashed and then reorganized. If you watch it carefully, as the plot of the movie progresses step by step, you will have a feeling of enlightenment. This reminds me of Nolan, and his "Following".
But what puzzles me is that the same narrative method is used. Nolan's movie is a high IQ, and this one is considered a bad movie because of that. (Of course, Nolan is a director I admire very much, and there is no black element.)
If you don't understand it, I will probably repeat it. The background is a volcanic eruption, and due to the impact of the volcanic ash, people have a disease of outdoor phobia. This global disease can feel dark and dark as long as you go outside. So more and more people are trapping themselves at home and are afraid to go out. Mark (the male protagonist) realized that something was wrong before the group became ill. In addition, someone in the company had died, so he did not agree with Julia (the female protagonist) to have a child, but Julia was already pregnant (Mark did not know it at the time) , the two had a conflict. After leaving home in a rage, the male protagonist returned to his company. Then the news began to report this symptom. The male protagonist called home. Julia didn't want to hear it. When she was in a mood, there was no signal interruption. And all the communication equipment in the company also failed. Just as Mark was about to rush out, he found himself suffering from the same disease.
Can't sit still, so the people trapped in the company began to dig tunnels (that is, the scene at the beginning of the movie). Before digging through, Mark found that his boss Rebec (the second male) had a mobile phone that could use GPS, so he threatened him to let him Go find Julia together. Riebek, on the other hand, went to his father, who was paralyzed in the hospital. After the deal was reached, Ribec agreed to go to Mark's house first. After returning home with difficulty, he found that his home had been "occupied" by someone. Among the remnants at home, I learned that my girlfriend was pregnant and the hospital. But I don't know if my girlfriend is working in the mall or the hospital. When he was about to go to the mall first, Liebeck said to find his father's love first. The two argued and tore, and finally went to his father's hospital. When he was about to arrive, he learned that the hospital had been burned down. Rebecq wanted to commit suicide, so he gave the seeds (the key to future survival) and lighters to Mark. Mark hit the road alone. The heroine could not be found in the mall, but he was almost killed in the riot. Fortunately, even though Riebek came, he was fatally stabbed. Accompany Mark to the most direct route to the sewers
After some distance (opposite the Julia Hospital), Ribek died quietly in the cinema. But Mark was able to face Julia across the street... At this time, he had to face the danger of death and walked out of the door. In the end, Mark crawled across the street with faith. Plant seeds, have children, and live a happy life. At the end of the film, because the child does not have that kind of disease, it is convenient for the children of other survivors to form a team to go to the distance.

(I didn't include the scenes of disasters and the scenes of the female supporting cast.)
High school students and elementary school students' writing, please forgive me.

The human nature reflected in this film is quite real.

Because of procrastination, the film review written on 12.28 has been delayed until today.

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