"People who don't do it for themselves will be punished" "Then they will be punished"

Juliana 2022-09-17 09:44:17

It's not some old-fashioned virus leak, or a natural disaster. In fact, it's not a disaster movie at all, let alone the end of the world.

Although the title, introduction, and cover of the film are a bit exaggerated, the film itself is okay in terms of subject matter and concept.

Doomsday did not focus on explaining how much disaster the "house" virus caused people to be unable to leave the building. It wanted to focus on showing that in the face of disasters, the world is not maintained in order, which can support people's motivation to continue to live Emotion, or rather, love.

In the film, in order to find a girlfriend, the male protagonist Mark teamed up with Enrique, who wanted to find his father, and traveled long distances for love. During this period, he met all kinds of people. The two male protagonists support and redeem each other.

What touched me more was that the second male Enrique felt that he had nothing to do with his father's death and chose to end his life, while the male protagonist Mark told Enrique that his existence still had meaning.

Enrique: "It's long overdue, we're just kidding ourselves."

Mark: "Maybe, but sometimes this self-deception is necessary. I'm sure someone is waiting for me."

Enrique: "No one is waiting for me."

And just when Enrique was about to jump off the building, the male protagonist rescued him and made Enrique believe that after so much, they had established a deep friendship of sharing weal and woe. So there are still people who need him, at least Mark himself needs him.

In the end, the male protagonist found his girlfriend and had a child.

At the end of the film, Mark's children joined a group of teenagers and girls. They were carrying bags and walking normally under the sun without being disturbed by the "house" virus, ready to start a new journey.

The film embodies the "survival of the fittest" law. Digging deeper, this is more like the "self-purification" mechanism of human evolution. When disaster strikes, the hope of the world still lies with young people. But a single tree does not make a forest, and mutual help between people is also one of the themes to be reflected in this film.

Overall, this film is worth digging into and reminiscing about.

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