Excerpt from the last line of the first episode of the first season

Shakira 2022-07-17 16:09:35

We're building a weapon.
It's not like any weapon the world's ever seen.
It draws its energy from a fast-neutron chain reaction.
It releases the power of an ancient star.
If it works, and it's going to work.
It will be more destructive than all the bombs dropped in all the wars in history put together.
It'll bring armies to their knees.
Cities will disappear in the blink of an eye.
The world will be united in peace by the most just and noble country in the history of mankind
Or it will burn to the ground.
Whoever builds it first, that's the endgame.
So it has to be us.
Whatever it costs.

This passage of Frank's obsession with the woman who doesn't understand English (true or false?) This may be the best inner confession of the group of physicists who worked on the Manhattan Project back then.
They know they're building the ultimate weapon to win the battle.
They also realized that they were opening Pandora's Box.
But in order to win the war they must create this devil before the enemy.
The war is over and the world is at peace.

Fortunately, as they wished, the atomic bomb ended World War II ahead of schedule. After World War II, under the mutual checks and balances of nuclear threats, superpowers could only compromise with each other, thus establishing a new human social order, the so-called "nuclear" balance of the world.

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