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On the other side of the sea, in Kimchi, there is a time-travel drama, it is magical and suspenseful, it is mentally retarded and sweet, it is it and it is it, our new friend - "W Two Worlds".

Break the dimensional wall, walk into the comics and fall in love with you. This drama is sponsored by Brain Hole Unlimited. If you feel confused, please watch this "W Two Worlds" stripping guide before watching the movie.

The screenwriters

say that their nature is more difficult to change than the mountains. Seeing that the South China Sea is beginning to be levitated and drifted by the Philippines, a small mango vendor, the Korean screenwriters are still diligent and diligent, till the end they cultivate the one acre and three points that they created. land.

Li Youzhen's screenwriting profession has asked questions for nearly ten years. You answered 1997, you answered 1994, and you also answered 1988! Screenwriter Kim Eun-sook has always wanted to talk about a love that loses his mind; screenwriter Lee Kyung-hee has only eaten one dish for ten years: dog blood love bibimbap; screenwriter Kim Eun-hee is on the road to killing characters;> Song Zaizheng, the screenwriter, is a pangolin in the Korean drama industry. Ancient times wear modern times, today wear yesterday, and reality wear comics.

Well, humans can't stop her anymore.

Judging from the titles of

Song's previous brain hole dramas, this upright and outspoken aunt belongs to the unrestrained style of playing cards first, and the medicine in the gourd is written word by word on the gourd cover of the title , it is obvious.

The following are the eyesight questions to test IQ. If you answer incorrectly, please go out and turn left to seek refuge in "Any Attachment" and recharge the dog blood energy bar.

Q1: From the title of the play, "Queen Inhyun's Man" focuses on which of the following?

A: Who B: Who C: Who D: Who

On-demand explanation: The biggest attraction of this drama is in the same vein as its title, that is, a man named 'Queen Inhyun' traveled from the Joseon era to the modern era 300 years later ---A love story. The operating formula of the modern world has no effect on the world of 300 years ago, and the only thing that controls the direction of the plot is the clan wars in the era of Joseon Sukjong, which have become historical ashes.

The male protagonist Jin Pengdao is a lover with a story. He and the world he came from constitute the climax of the volcanic conflict in the whole drama. The female protagonist is only responsible for the silly and sweet love line, while other people and things in the modern world are volcano peaks. Down, scum.

Q2: From the title of the play, "Nine Time Travel" focuses on which of the following

: A: What B: What C: What D: What

On-demand explanation: This play is about Jiugenxiang taking you through and taking you to fly nine The story of the second time (how did the male protagonist deduce the mathematical reasoning problem of 'going back to the past to make my brother revive' in the time of Jiugenxiang 9x30=270 minutes). The

so-called time travel is that the main party Travel to the guest side, and exert a single force to cause subtle changes to the guest side, so as to realize the reaction force of the whole body. The logical chain of threading the needles is: If I can do it all over again, how can I become a non-drinking Li Bai?

Different from "Queen Inxian's Man" and even the time traveled in "Boo Bu Jing Xin", the time traveler is obedient, and the main party who travels through is unscathed. Under the wings of the butterfly effect, causality alternates, and reality is reshuffled.

This also caused the male protagonist to accidentally cross back and become a lover and become a niece. There is only a forced recall, leaving the factory and starting again. But this kind of time travel theme belongs to killing one person and harming everyone. The male protagonist goes in and out of the present and the past alone, and the rest of the characters basically belong to the melon-eating masses who are waiting to die. The memory card of the brain can be cleared at any time, leaving the male protagonist to be a lonely boy full of thoughts.

Actually , Song Zaizheng is good at fictional story writing and news writing, they are all rooted in the mud frame of 5W1H (who, what, when, where, why, how), branch and leaf, blossom and bear fruit. The focus of the brush and ink is different, and the story layout that is spread out naturally changes accordingly. Song Bian, who graduated from the journalism department of Ewha Women's University, is of course well versed in it. Since it is a fictional story, the plot should not be limited to small love and love, but should be more open-minded.

Therefore, DengDengDengDeng, a time-traveling drama with the largest number of people, the most lively, and the most advanced time-travel drama: the parallel world drama "W Two Worlds" debuted at the right time.

W-Two Worlds

The highest level of mutual harm

As the title of the play directly expresses the mind, this play directly hits the target of 'what' in two worlds, one is the real world where cartoonist Wu Chengwu and his daughter Wu Yanzhu live, The other is the comic world in which the protagonist Jiang Zhe of the comic "W" created by Wu Chengwu exists.

Different from other time-travel dramas, only the protagonist walks in and out of different worlds with the pass of time-travel. The time-travel area in this drama is the same as the tourist attractions of the Golden Week on the 11th, and everyone can visit here. What makes people cry with joy is that the protagonist's ability to travel through the halo is no longer a secret that can't be told, but at the speed of the village broadcast, in the fourth episode, because the heroine is a human target, it has been completely torn apart.

In the first episode, the heroine was dragged into the world of comics by the bloody hand of the male protagonist. In the second episode, the heroine suddenly realized in the conversation with the cartoonist father, "So Dad knows that I have crossed over before you?!"

Fourth In the episode, the male protagonist took a gun and pierced a key hole in the female protagonist's right atrium and found that "Oh, you really came through", so at the last moment, the male protagonist brought a gun and went into the real world to play CS games.

In a game, the most flirtatious is the secret fight, but the most test of technical ability is the open fight. After the showdown, how the threesome of the old man and his daughter and son-in-law staged the closed-loop biological chain of chasing and killing people, saving people and chasing the murderers after the showdown, all tested their hand-to-hand combat effectiveness with bare hands.

Crossing the masses to force the highest level

to look at Jiang Zhe from the perspective of the real world. He is just a page of comics that passes between the readers' fingers. Life and death, happiness and anger are all controlled by the brush in the hand of comic writer Wu Chengwu. If you interpret this drama from the perspective of looking down on the real world, then Jiang Zhe is undoubtedly the marionette with the most bitter temperament, and he can't help eating and drinking.

(The last second was "Mom, who is going to save me?" The poor boy, the next second he turned into a rich girl who punched the world)

(I pulled my hand, happy) On the

contrary, reverse the logic line of looking up If you push this drama, every character living in the real world is not the key to his own life. Your own destiny is not in your own hands.

The cartoonist Laozi, who seems to be the father of Jiang Zhe's creation, has been repeatedly challenged by his unfilial daughter and son-in-law for his unique golden finger paternity.

(Sorry, Father, I want to save this handsome guy!)

A manga that has made his career but escaped his own five-fingered mountain, the fear and anger of his own incompetence caused by this feeling of betrayal is no less than the top of his head is green.

Wu Yanzhu, who is regarded by Jiang Zhe as the key to her life, is the one who can't control her own destiny the most, although she can travel freely between the two worlds, saving the handsome man and being more comical. As the male protagonist's close-fitting female bodyguard with a knife, as long as the male protagonist needs it, he will also have to cross in a sweater in summer! In order to hit the male protagonist's high point and wear it back as soon as possible, he took off his clothes and sold meat and offered a kiss, opening his mouth and saying "I love you". The days with the male protagonist are like years, but the time away from the male protagonist is like a thousand years at a glance.

(With a slap and a bobo, you can shake the minds of the top male gods within two minutes! Have you all learned!)

And those who are stupid and naive, waiting for the update of the comic "W" every day, there are How pitiful I won't break it.

None of the three main protagonists have the omniscient and omnipotent perspective of God, and they are not as good as Martey Ruoxi in "Scared the Heart", who knows the whole situation like the back of the hand, and does not have the Park Shanyu who follows the map in "Nine Time Travel" step by step. Everyone in this drama is crossing the river by feeling the stones, taking a step by step, and being at the highest level of evenly matched ignorance.

Like "signal", although in different time and space, no one has absolute control. The unsolved cases twenty years ago still have no progress twenty years later; the creators of comics in the real world are not the masters of the comic world-no time or world is eligible to be honored as the highest.

So, those of us who eat melon don't have to complain about our powerlessness and frustration with our destiny. Who knows if the ending of life solved by taking the key to life is a happy ending. Just try to live.

3 The biggest point of
the most arbitrary love line

crossing drama is of course the nodes between different worlds, that is, how 'How' expresses how to cross. The old-fashioned 'dead hit type', the way of crossing without arms and legs has become a historical relic, and in "Ren Xian" where you want to wear the spell where you want to wear it, and "Nine times" where you want to wear mosquito coils are also It was abandoned by Song Bian himself, and replaced by the betting rule of relying on the heartbeat value to speak.

This is also the reason why we don't feel that the love line of this show is dragging - because the progress of crossing depends on it! In the face of life's major choices of face or death, nonsense, of course it is fatal.

In order to travel back to the real world where she is, the fan girl Wu Yanzhu bet all her net worth to play Jiang Zhe's pacemaker, and personally tested the good effect of slapping and then giving a sweet date. The progress of the love line is therefore like a wild horse that has been off the reins, rushing along with the progress of the crossing. Kissed, stripped, shot, and 'saying I love you' in the first four episodes.

I really want to know if Wu Yanzhu is a man, will the difficulty of crossing be more difficult or easier.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah! In the next episode, Hyojoo Unni will become a married beautiful girl! Don't say it, I just want to shake the screenwriter's shoulder, "Bastard, tell me what to do next!" For

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