Outrageous spoof unfinished film (suspected of counterfeiting ethics)

Allan 2022-07-12 21:49:48

How could I have finished watching this film, the reason for watching it may be really disgusting! It seems that the story is not finished yet. Personally, I think the director has made a mistake in the focus of the layers. I haven't figured out how to end it. I thought about it after watching it. This is a spoof movie. Why? Amnesia was tortured and forced to commit suicide as a scapegoat (the process is comparable to the so-called perversion movies in Europe and America), the culprit is still 25 years in prison (it will come out in 10 years), the victim's parents tortured and killed an innocent person and finally escaped, the method process is even more outrageous. After watching it, I regret it very much, and my appetite is greatly reduced!

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