The last "confession" of the hapless

Einar 2022-09-18 16:15:11

Oops, how should I comment on this movie? It's pretty good. It's not like Lionsgate's orthodox masterpiece.
Let's talk about the bad guy who was abused in the movie.
When I saw the "pseudo-hunter" appear in the hut, I had an epiphany that the couple had caught the wrong person, so I wasn't surprised by the so-called reversal at the end.
Just kept wondering why this unlucky bastard didn't explain when he could.
He even committed suicide at the end of the film.
In fact, suicide is understandable, it is too painful, and no one can bear it.
Why is the critical suicide note full of sourness so bleak? He didn't even make the slightest excuse for himself.
It is estimated that after a few days of torture with the couple, this unlucky bastard who could not bear the torture decided to end everything with his own death.
First, he is completely freed, and secondly, people who live in misunderstandings may sometimes be happy. At least the couple may be relieved of some anger and sadness because of the death of the "murderer".
But will this sacrifice-like suicide finally bring the two of them out of the haze?
If the couple found out that they had arrested the wrong person, what kind of torture would it be?
Even if they didn't know the truth and tortured a person to death, even though the "murderer" died, would they really have no trouble in their hearts?
In the end, who is the unlucky person comforting?
Anyway, this movie is depressing.
Listening to the last "confession" of the hapless one, my heart was jammed.
Too tortured.

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