black saturday, soon to be night

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Saber and Ilona, ​​who run the restaurant, wanted to hire a pianist, and Andras got the job with his skills. At the same time, he was also attracted by Irona's beauty and composed the song "Black Sunday" for her. With this song, the restaurant is also famous everywhere. Irona also fell in love with Andras, and Saber also felt the relationship between Irona and Andras. All three were unhappy about this and wanted to live apart without affecting others. Just as she was about to make a decision, Irona received a photo taken by Hans. After a while, Sabo learned that the local tycoon was going to have dinner with his sister at his restaurant, listening to the news of "Black Sunday", the three of them. Just relax with each other and live together for this restaurant. The three of them lived in harmony like this. It is unpredictable that the German Nazis came here, and Hans, a young German who was rescued by Saab, came back. He was once attracted by the song, and was also fascinated by the beauty of Irona. He fell in love at first sight and even proposed to her. Rona politely declined. After returning, Hans became a German officer. He was still obsessed with Ilona and the song, but he had changed a lot, and Andras couldn't let his dignity be humiliated and committed suicide after playing "Black Sunday". Sabo is about to be put on a train to the concentration camp, and Ilona commits herself to Hans, begging him to save Sabo. But Hans saw but did not save him. Ilona was pregnant. In front of Andras' tomb, she gently stroked the grass on the ground, wept and finally decided to leave. Years later, on Hans' 80th birthday, celebrating at the hotel, Irona poisoned him with the poison that Andras and Sabo had wanted to take to kill themselves. At that time, he was looking at pictures of Irona when he was young, and playing "Black Sunday" in his ears... A "Black Sunday" was played continuously throughout the film. It sounds calm, but it makes people unable to calm down, as if there is something pressing on the heart, and I don't know what it is, as if it doesn't exist at all, but I know from the heart that it is real. It also seems to be telling something that you don't want others to know, which opens the hearts of the listeners and penetrates the unknown feelings into the hearts of the listeners. It calms people, makes people melancholy, makes people worry, and makes people feel the shock of the soul. Played by the piano and violin, the song combines sadness and joy in a very balanced way, creating an incredible atmosphere. It seems to be spreading something, but it is just not sure what it means, or is it just to find an expression mean. Black Sunday, soon to be night. The dark shadow is enjoying loneliness. Close your eyes, you walk in front of me. Where you sleep, waiting for you to come over tomorrow. see your shadow, Tell her to let the angel stand by my side. Black Sunday, how many Sundays. It's all a shadow of my loneliness. The night has passed and I am full of tears. Friends, don't sigh, my heart is very fragile. Very desperate, I returned to my hometown, lost in a country full of shadows. black sunday~~~

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