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Talia 2022-07-17 23:32:07

At the beginning of the story, the little girl's situation is similar to that of Bell in " Empire of the Sun ". She lost her parents overnight and was displaced in the war.

The cruel war did not let the little girl learn to live, because soon the little girl no longer had to appreciate the taste of war.

The spooky manor, strange relatives, and eerie atmosphere satisfy all curious minds.

In such a manor, the little girl continued her so-called "noble" atmosphere. However, the times are advancing, and the little girl's set will soon not work.

First of all, the little girl was beaten in the head by the "servant". It was "natural" back then, but it didn't make any sense.

I wanted to use my identity to regain face, but I was quickly beaten in the face.

The little girl gradually learned to respect her "setbacks" again and again, and said "Please" to the chef, which was actually not as difficult as she imagined.

The little girl who opened up finally learned to grow up.

And in that mysterious garden, there are more growths that need to be explored by oneself.

The heartbroken uncle face has a weak sense of existence, his deceased wife has gone away, and he is still trapped in the game.

The thought of loved ones is of course invaluable. But if you are addicted to it, this is probably a problem of emotional intelligence.

Not only that, Uncle Face's way of treating children is also a long time to see.

A small child, imprisoned on the bed mentally, this wave of operations is serious 666.

However, Uncle Lian is Uncle Lian after all, and he still contributed the golden sentence of the whole story.

Adults are often educated by children.

Falling in pain is not only useless, but also affects the child. It's better to wave your hands and say goodbye to the past.

Go forward and reminisce about the past.

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