The 4th remake of "Secret Garden" is still an original bowl of chicken soup for the soul!

Adalberto 2022-07-17 17:22:50

In the 2008 movie "Slam Dunk", Jay Chou not only had an addiction to "Kung Fu basketball", but also left an episode called "Secret Garden" in the film.

Speaking of the name "Secret Garden", it can really be said that it is very popular all over the world, such as film and television dramas, games, cosmetics and songs, etc., are named after this.

However, when it comes to the original origin of the "Secret Garden", it can be traced back to the famous American writer Frances Hodgson Burnett's children's literature masterpiece "Secret Garden". Respected by later generations, it has also become Burnett's most famous representative works.

As early as 1949, "Secret Garden" was made into a movie and moved to the big screen in the United States. When it was remade in 1993 and 1997, the innocence of the children in the film and the beauty of the picture were further optimized. It was well-received at the time.

Heading into 2020, director Mark Mulden has staged a fourth film remake, and this version of "Secret Garden" has a cast largely occupied by British actors, including Dixie Eggerick, who plays the heroine, little girl Mary. and Colin Firth, who plays his uncle.

The 2020 version of "Secret Garden" still follows the plot of the original in the overall plot. Compared with the previous three versions, it can only be said that the use of color in the picture is more colorful.

Based on the story of the original work, the whole film maintains a slow rhythm, and even the soundtrack is soft. The secret garden, where children play and talk, has become a paradise.

Although the background of the film's big story is the war years, there is no scene of artillery fire in the whole film. The most direct shots are several close-up shots of the shells. The tragic experience of the little girl Mary can be regarded as the fate of life. Too bad, in fact, more can be seen as a victim of the war years.

Mary, who was physically and mentally injured, discovered the magical secret garden with her strong adventurous spirit, and she seemed to have found her spiritual belonging. She healed her wounds in the intersection of reality and memory. Her bravery and optimism finally moved her. She took her uncle and cousin and led them out of the shackles deep in their hearts.

From a deep level, Mary is the core character of the secret garden, and more like a ferryman of the soul.

For such a film, it is no longer possible to use the box office to conduct commercial discussions, because the kind of purity that the film expresses can wash the soul, after all, it is rare. 【END

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