Share the secret and innocent childhood - "Secret Garden"

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Share the secret and innocent childhood - "Secret Garden"

Today, let's talk about the movie "Secret Garden".

The title is The Secret Garden (2020).

"Secret Garden" is a classic children's literature by American writer Frances Hodgson Burnett. If there is no TV series version, this 2020 version of "Secret Garden" is the fourth film version.

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924), born in Manchester, England, was a female writer who influenced England in the 20th century and was one of the first writers to use modern psychological description techniques to create children's literature. Her parents died young, her family was poor, and she immigrated to the United States at the age of 16; she began to publish at the age of 18; at 28, she published her first best-selling book, "Laurie's Daughter"; at the age of 62, she wrote her most famous and successful book. The work "Secret Garden" established her status in the history of English literature. In addition, there are also representative works such as "Little Princess" and "Little Master Fangtroy", which are all classic works in the treasure house of world literature.

The novel "Secret Garden" takes place in the Victorian era, Mary is a pampered rich lady, willful and arrogant. When a sudden plague kills her parents, Mary is orphaned and adopted by relatives who live in an ancient English manor.

In Nuoda's manor, Mary met her cousin Colin. Colin was bedridden all year round, complaining of self-pity, feeling weak, and believing that hunchbacks would lead to death.

Naturally, the unrestrained Mary would not take it with her, and she began to explore the corners of the manor. Sure enough, she discovered the secret garden in the manor that had been closed for many years. A group of children played to their heart's content in the secret world, and they also learned to help each other, unite and love each other. Not only did they become full of energy, but they also influenced the adults around them to become positive and optimistic.

The 2020 version of "Secret Garden" moves the characters and stories back in time, in order to make the film more modern.

After the passage of time, only the time background has changed, and the basic plot has not changed. Mary is still a wayward rich lady, Colin is still a sickly rich boy, and Deacon is still a cheerful and optimistic poor boy.

Mary's father worked as a manager in the British Empire colony, and suffered a plague on the eve of the partition of India and Pakistan. Although unfortunate, it can be seen that Mary's family conditions are very good. Mary was pampered since she was a child, and even if she was sent to relatives for foster care, she would not change her usual temper.

Colin's father can own such a large manor, and naturally his family conditions are not inferior to Mary's father. Only with financial support can Colin be able to make a fuss about changing patterns every day.

At first glance, the two of them are a bit like Xue Baochai and Jia Baoyu. In fact, the starting point of the characters is low so that there is sufficient room for improvement in the follow-up. After they discover the joy of growing up, the audience will fall in love with these sensible children.

While visiting the manor, Mary discovers a secret garden that has been closed for many years. Lele alone is not as good as everyone. Mary must share her findings with Colin, and it is always boring to be alone in an empty manor.

The secluded Colin did not go out of his way. He refused Mary's invitation many times because of his physical illness. In addition, he missed his mother and his father's indifference, which made him feel sick.

If it can't be soft, then it will be hard. Mary pulls the new peasant boy Deacon and drags Colin out of the room and into the secret garden.

There seems to be magic in the secret garden. The arrogant Mary has become united and loving, and the sick Colin has become strong and easy-going. The magic power spread further, the owner of the manor also got out of the grief of losing his wife, and the relationship between father and son became more harmonious. Everyone seems to have found a long-lost source of happiness.

Since "Secret Garden" is a children's literature, the focus is naturally on the growth of children. The film is also used to describe the growth of children in a language that children can understand.

Through the changes of Mary, Colin and others, the film proves that children are born with a blank sheet of paper, and the key lies in the cultivation and guidance of the day after tomorrow. Through their own exploration, Mary and Colin found a path suitable for their own growth. And if they continue to live in a pampered environment, they may become a crippled person when they grow up.

The original novel is a children's literature suitable for 10-year-old children, and the movie version is also suitable for children around 10 years old to watch. Don't see this movie with the eyes of an adult, it's not meant to be made for big and small people.

A large number of high-saturation pictures in the film are colorful, just like children looking at the world, colorful. They don't have the troubles of adults, what they have is the happiness in front of them. Since you can grow up happily and happily, why hide in a dark corner and feel sorry for yourself.

Share the secrets of innocent childhood,

The beautiful garden grows happily.

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