In those years, we chased "Prison Break" together & sorting out the details of the episodes and being irresponsible for the brain hole (Episodes 01~03)

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Episode 04-06 Please move: Diversity details and not responsible for brain holes (04-06) Episode
07-09 Please move: Diversity details and not responsible for brain holes (07-09 episode)

never imagined that one day, I would see a prison break again.

Everyone has their own enlightenment drama, and jailbreaking for me is enlightenment in the true sense. Unlike the "Friends" that I read sporadically in English class to learn spoken language, or the earlier, vaguely translated version of "Growing Pains", this was the first time in an era when resource websites were not yet developed. , relying on his rookie-level computer knowledge and the limited network resources in the school, to "chasing" a drama abruptly. On those nights when the lights were out in the dormitory, a small table was set up on the bed, and one person faced the fluorescent screen.

For the first time, I know that the original drama can also be made like this, with brain-burning plots, conspiracies and games, meticulous plans and conflicts of human nature, and a mess of Michael with high IQ and good looks. The door to the new world was opened, and being a fan was a matter of minutes. Then, began a long and bittersweet pursuit of drama career.

From 2005 to 2009, from undergraduate to postgraduate, four seasons, until the last special chapter.

Michael's sentence "We are free" announced the end of everything, as if to draw an end to an era together.

The most handsome stills that can make people fall into the pit in seconds

Just know that when the jailbreak restarts, there is still a little refusal. It's actually quite difficult not to be scolded for a story that has already ended, let alone such a drama that has become a kind of coordinate in the hearts of many people. Although looking back now, the plot of the next two seasons is actually not as exciting as before, but in the end Michael's death undoubtedly fills the show with a sad and powerful ending. At a time when comics and remakes are in vogue, restarting always makes people feel a little suspicious of IP.

However, it doesn't seem that hard to accept that Michael, who is so smart and in control of everything, can still return to the screen.

The rebooted version of the jailbreak has greatly shortened the length, with only 9 episodes in a single season, which is more in line with the current drama watching habits. In order to show sincerity, there are quite a lot of returnees, except for Michael, who didn't know what kind of anti-sky plug-in was opened, and his appearance has not diminished in the past, as well as brother Lincoln, Sara who is still full of goddess, good brother Fernando, Qian brother C-Note, and T-Bag, which is full of presence and love and hate. There should be nothing wrong with the lineup. Next, it depends on how the screenwriter rounds up.

The first episode came out and I was not disappointed. I could hardly resist the urge to slap the table when the proverbial sentence turned into a location code in Lincoln's hands and an action guide in T-Bag's. That's how I felt when I watched Michael Wenman's tattoos come to fruition in the first season. The jailbreak I was looking forward to is really back.

With so much emotion, I still have to be serious. In order to relive the mood when I was chasing the drama, I decided to take a look at the various stalks in this episode while waiting for the next episode to air, and secretly make some irresponsible guesses. If nothing else happens, I will follow up every episode in the future~ The

nonsense is over, serve!

~~~~~~~~ There are spoilers below~~~~~~~~~~~

1. After the introduction of the opening chapter, in Michael's monologue "I died seven years ago...", the camera explained a lot Information:
i. The sewer in front of Sarah's house is full of paper cranes representing the bond between the two;
ii. In a dimly lit room, a pen that appears to be a tattoo, one person takes a picture of another with a strange camera, the lens Conversion, the person being photographed is Michael;
iii. Someone put on a coat for Michael who seems to be "dead";
iv. The eye-like tattoo pattern on the palm;
these messages are echoed to varying degrees in the back.

2. T-Bag, who was released from prison, received a photo of unknown origin, which was the one taken by Michael in the previous shot. There is an obscure text at the bottom of the photo, "By your hand you shall know the glories of your progeny, and our world will be made right forevermore. not ah)".

Now it seems that this puzzle has three meanings. One is that it alludes to T-Bag's actions to send a letter to Lincoln. T-Bag agreed to install a new left-hand prosthesis.

3. Lincoln, who lost his younger brother, lost himself again and returned to his old way. A gangster who couldn't pay back the money. At this time, he received the news that Michael was suspected of being alive. Is it just a coincidence?

4. The date of Michael's death has been changed from 2005 to 10 years, probably to align with the current timeline, and review the epitaph:
"Be the change you want to see in the world" (if you want to change the world, first transform itself).

5. T-Bag received a secret invitation from the doctor to install the newly developed mechanical prosthesis for him. The doctor did this because he received a large research grant from a man named "Outis", with the only condition that T-Bag be the first to operate. "Outis" means anonymous in Greek, and from what follows, this anonymous donor is Michael's pseudonym. Available information:
i. Michael is aware of the latest technological advances and researchers;
ii. He can control large sums of money;
iii. In this prosthesis, there may be some wonderful "little functions" that need to be used later.

6. Little Michael is really soft and cute! And he is only seven years old, his reasoning ability is so strong, and his genetics should not be too good...

7. Lincoln dug up a suit from Michael's grave. It was the one he wore when he "died" at the beginning. Later, in Yemen, he found the words "Kaniel Outis" on the suit, "Kaniel Outis". Outis" was Michael's pseudonym in Yemeni prison. Another thing I wonder about, why does this Lincoln suit seem to fit so well?

8. All verifiable photos of Michael have been replaced, Lincoln thinks he's in big trouble, but as C-Note said, he's always in control, so I'm guessing it's probably his own doing, purpose Just let yourself disappear. The fact that he refused to recognize Lincoln when he saw Lincoln from behind made this possibility even more real.

9. Kaniel Outis in a Yemeni prison, arrested for murder and rumored to be working with ISIL (Islamic State), is a well-known terrorist. Lenovo's emails about supporting ISIS behind the scenes broke out during last year's U.S. election, and thinking about the conspiracy theories of the show, the story is ready to come out.

10. At the last meeting, Michael's attitude proved that they must still be under surveillance. He saw C-Note filming and gave him a look. He deliberately made Lincoln notice the new tattoo on his hand, which is the eye that appeared in the opening chapter. like a pattern, with his hands behind his back as he turns away. The camera is close-up here, and the inverted pattern resembles a tower, perhaps suggesting a location.

PS: When I saw Michael pretending not to know my brother and turned to leave, he closed his eyes forbearance, inexplicably distressed~

The irresponsible brain hole about Michael's suspended animation:

During the last escape from the prison in the special chapter, Michael, who was electrocuted, did not die but fell into the hands of the "company". The new identity evaporated after completing a mission in Yemen.

After the mission was completed, Michael deliberately arrested himself for murder, saved his life, and made himself "disappear", but the company still maintained close monitoring of him and his family. After seven years of preparation, he has to overcome difficulties and obstacles to reunite with his family.

(The above is purely YY, if there is any similarity, it is a coincidence...)

On the whole, the first episode reproduced the taste of the first season in a regular manner, roughly introduced the current situation of the main characters, and dug a few small holes, which is a link between the previous and the next. The plot of the 9-episode season should be more compact than before, so now that the brothers have already met, the prison break team should be busy in the next episode.

The dividing line of EP02 is

on schedule this week The second episode:
Compared with the first episode, which took a lot of time to explain the current situation of all parties, the second episode has a significantly faster pace of the plot. The three lines of Michael, Lincoln, and Sara are unfolding together and echoing each other. While continuing to dig holes Also gives a lot of information.

1. At the beginning, Michael and (suspected) his new partner Wrip staged a smooth escape scene, but unfortunately the last part of the plan - the power outage, failed to complete as promised.

Information from the conversation:
i. Their plan has been in place for a week, but the power outage never came, apparently the person in charge of the last link has gone wrong;
ii. They have waited four years for this escape;
iii . .They were imprisoned and related to a person or organization called "Poseidon". In Greek mythology, the hero Odyssey was cursed by Poseidon, the god of the sea, and went through hardships on his way home;
iv. Michael wants to start "Another Plan".

2. At the center of Sara's help, Kellerman reappears (well, do you remember this guy?). From the unblinking, dirty agent in the first episode, to the later character characterization, he wrote Niu X's past in big letters, his obsessive love for the female president and the country, and he prepared in a suit and leather shoes The scene of suicide, as well as the last rescue scene. By the end of the fourth season, he has touched the hearts of countless viewers. This is a tragic character, and a character who was basically whitewashed in the previous work.

Current job: State Department staff, apparently terrorist-related information goes through his hands.
He provided Sara with an infrared camera image of Michael shooting the deputy director of the CIA, believing that Michael had become a murderer and suggesting that Michael had modified the information;
his attitude towards preventing Sara from drinking bottled water was quite persistent, which may correspond to the previous analysis by many people of his good feelings for Sara, but I always felt that there were articles in it.
Is he here again an enemy of Michael, or an ally who can still help?

3. Evidence of Michael's murder:
there is no shot of himself in the photo, but only one hand; the left luggage, blood on his clothes, etc., all seem quite deliberate. I have watched the previous seasons. For people, the traces of this frame-up can only be a little too obvious...

Regarding infrared-triggered cameras, this is mostly used for wildlife monitoring. Once there is a living creature in front of the lens, the camera will be triggered to take pictures. Well, it should be very easy to fake it. After all, videos can be faked, and it is not a matter of minutes to fake a photo.

4. Sara's current husband, Jacob, is an economist and has a lot of research on game theory, and Michael is a master at this.
Here, he offers some points about game theory regarding Sara's doubts:
i. Everything, everyone, is available;
ii. Manipulation itself becomes the most important thing, only about winning, not about the game Unrelated in and of itself;
the re-warning of Michael's blackening (and I still don't believe it), and the feeling that this character would have some big parts even if it was a lunch.

5. Michael's operation method and principle of using chewing gum and battery ignition in prison:
tear the tin foil wrapping the chewing gum into narrow strips that are slightly wider at both ends and slightly thinner in the middle. Because the middle part is narrow and the resistance is large, the maximum amount of heat will be generated when the current passes, and the tin foil will be ignited. (Note that this method will directly cause a short circuit, which will damage the battery and easily cause burns, please do not imitate it!)

6. In the infirmary, the information in the words of the guards: i. Michael
had provided weapons to ISIL and had a good relationship with it;
ii. Four years ago, Michael planned to escape in the first week of prison, but failed, and was arrested for it. Close confinement.

7. Michael went to great lengths, beaten, and exchanged prescriptions for his fellow inmates, just to send Sara a message that a storm was coming and that she should hide everyone. This is the second step after he said he started another plan (the first one was to send a note to Lincoln). It can be seen that this plan may involve his true identity and bring disaster to his family.

8. Lincoln Line: According to the clues on the note they received before, they found and rescued the "Master of Light", the key person who arranged the final link of the blackout. So far, the jailbreak conditions are complete.

9. Abu, the terrorist leader who was also detained here, was given amnesty and walked out of the confinement room, and Michael hugged him warmly. With the previous foreshadowing, the audience does not seem abrupt, but it is obvious that the inmates who have been working with him here are not aware of it. Helping Abu escape is likely one of Michael's secret missions. Due to the opposition between Abu's men and the rest of the prison (gay, pagan, etc.), the former teammates may have the possibility of defecting.

The plot that is currently being put together:

Seven years ago, Michael suspended his death and began to live as Kaniel Outis. Under the arrangement of Poseidon, he engaged in some unseen things, and was suspected of selling weapons to ISIL (possibly framed). But based on the fact that he can speak Arabic and befriend the terrorist leader Abu, at least there must be a connection between them.

Four years ago, Michael was wanted (possibly framed) in connection with the murder of the CIA deputy director and fled to Yemen, escaping US pursuit, but ended up in jail in Yemen.

A week after being imprisoned, he and Wrip planned their first escape, but the operation failed and they were locked up and temporarily unable to act. The reason for such a hasty action may be because they thought they had been betrayed by Poseidon, could not wait for rescue, and their lives were threatened.
Four years later, Michael, who was finally released from the confinement room, planned a second escape. To be on the safe side, this time there was a backup plan. At present, the backup plan has been activated.

Not responsible for the brain hole:

So, what force can completely change his identity and make him a friend of a terrorist organization? First of all, it is clear that after the foreshadowing of the previous four seasons, the possibility of MIchael's blackening is very small (otherwise, under the attack of fans, the screenwriter's safety will be worrying). Then, to arrange his suspended animation, he must use some of his abilities, and even use the safety of his family as a bargaining chip. Michael's high IQ and meticulous planning ability give him the potential to become an excellent spy.

It is a bold guess that Michael may currently be an undercover agent of the US intelligence organization, and Poseidon is his direct superior. He pretended to cooperate with terrorists to obtain intelligence, but found that it was the US military personnel who provided them with weapons, and he was likely to be involved with Poseidon. Possibility one, the official forgery, the purpose is to win the trust of terrorist organizations and consolidate the identity of the undercover; Possibility two, Poseidon forged, the purpose is to kill and silence; Possibility three, this person is one of the people behind the scenes to help terrorists. One, Michael kills him and goes to Yemen to find his contact person, but is framed by Poseidon and imprisoned.

Okay, let's edit it here first, so as not to slap the face in the back, please pat~


_ The expressions are the same... >_>

The escape from the prison by Mi Shuai, who is wise and wise, is amazing! No! Have! to make! achievement!

But think about it, if the third episode is successful, the next 6 episodes will once again become a great escape plot that everyone complained about, so let's move a Mazza and wait for Michael's new plan.

However, this episode really filled in a lot of the holes left in the front, explaining Michael's new identity, his previous whereabouts, and his current situation, and the behind-the-scenes Boss Poseidon has further surfaced. Let's sort out the clues that broke out in this episode first:

1. Michael's method of delivering letters to the prison: chewing gum, paper planes, children on the street (a rather unreliable method that Lincoln can easily find...).

2. Through the information sent by Michael, Lincoln and the others found the car shop he bought. Four years ago, Michael and the others did have a complete escape plan, and prepared passports and this store, but the escape personnel in this plan included Abu Lamar.

3. Michael has been trying to contact Sara before, but all failed (remember the paper crane in the sewer in front of Sara's door in the first episode?), only this time, the contact through little Michael succeeded (the note paper flower in the previous episode) , but also exposed little Michael to the enemy.

4. It was Poseidon who chased Sara, but the chase was just a pretense. They wanted to use Sara to find Michael. It can be assumed, then, that they must have lost touch with Michael, or lost control of him.

5. Sara’s phone was hacked by the person who was chasing her, but it was her own fingerprints that got into the phone. The suspect pointed to Kellerman and the glass of water he insisted on giving Sara, implying that he and Poseidon were in a group . In order to thoroughly investigate Kellerman, she contacted T-Bag, who had approached her before, and agreed to cooperate.

6. Jacob works at the university. He and Sara proposed to use the university's resources to investigate, but Sara did not agree for the time being.

7. When Abu was released from the confinement room and the situation in the prison changed, Michael and his teammates finally had a crisis of confidence. From several conversations he had with Wrip, a lot of information was obtained:
i. Abu was from Poseidon, Poseidon sent Michael and the others to rescue him, but left them temporarily;
ii. They were working for the CIA , get the people they need out of prison; (Wow, haha, I guessed it in the last issue~~)
iii. Wrip mentioned many prisons in Ozark, Colombia, Egypt, etc., and Michael used different identities , Kaniel Outis, the famous terrorist, is the fake identity this time, the purpose is to be imprisoned here and complete the task of rescuing Abu.

8. The Lincoln line also had a problem. They went to get fake passports and were ambushed by the former "suiters" of Sheba and now ISIL elements. He and Sheba who had been helping them were both injured.

9. Michael, who was locked up after failing to escape from prison, looked at the eye-shaped tattoo on his hand. This clue that appeared at the beginning was useless so far, and it may be his last trump card.

10. In the message to Sara, Michael mentioned that the whole lie was for Sara, and proposed that if he died, he hoped that his real name could be written on the tombstone (finally admitting his identity). At first glance, this paragraph looks very much like a last word, but I always feel a little bit of a pun, suspecting that Michael is starting a new plan. After all, there was a mobile phone hidden on him when he was in confinement, and he just left a last word, which was not very Michael's style.

PS: There is a big flag here. However, if you dug him out, the screenwriter, just to make him die again, it is estimated that many people will come to you to talk about life...

Summarize the main plot of Michael's side again according to the timeline:

He faked his death seven years ago. For Sara's safety, he was forced to join the CIA. The task is to go around the world to fish out the people they need. Wrip was a partner he recruited on a mission and has since been collaborating.

Four years ago, they received orders from Poseidon to rescue ISIL leader Abu Lamar for some political reasons. (Again, the plot is closely combined with the revelations during last year's US election...)

They were arrested and jailed as planned, but they were betrayed by Poseidon during their escape (should not have given corresponding correspondence as agreed), which led to their escape. fail. During his time in confinement, Michael has been trying to plan a new escape method and has a plan. He tried to contact Sara, but failed because of Poseidon's interference.

Not responsible for the brain hole:

About Poseidon's betrayal four years ago: As a senior government official, if he is found to be connected with ISIL, his political career will be greatly affected. Therefore, there should be some circumstances that made him choose to protect himself Abandoned Michael and them. But at the same time, he also lost news of Michael, so he sent someone to monitor Sara, trying to find Michael back to continue his work, or simply let him disappear.

About Kellerman: I don't think he has been blackened. After all, he was finally whitened after using Four Seasons before, and he was loved by everyone. It is illogical to blacken him again. The matter of fingerprints, it is more likely that the staff around him (such as the assistant) collected them while he was not paying attention.

Next escape plan: Well, leave this to Michael~

Tap, see you next week!

Welcome to pay attention to forwarding and teasing~

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