"Prison Break" S5E3: People are about to die, and their words are also good

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It is ruthless to say that Michael's escape from prison ended in a fiasco . He was locked up and turned against his former big backer, Abu Lamar. Last words were recorded...

But instead of feeling depressed or lost, I was happy and relieved: the "identity mystery" that had plagued everyone before has been resolved, this man has not changed, he is still our Michael Schofield .

At the same time, Sarah has come to her senses, and she and T-bag have joined forces to investigate the truth, and the escaped prisoners in Sana'a, Yemen, will surely die and come back to life.

follow the truth

" He's tried to contact her before, the only difference is that this time he succeeded . Smart, through that boy."

Reminiscent of the so many paper cranes in the ditch outside Sarah's house in the first episode, we should have guessed that Michael had tried to contact Sarah for a long time, but he was always disturbed by others . From this, a conclusion was about to come out. Leave it for later. Through the words of the two stalkers, we understand why the murder of Sarah came to an abrupt end. It turned out that "Poseidon" wanted to save her life.

"...a show designed to let Utis contact her. Now what we have to do is to eavesdrop and figure out his plan of action, and she hasn't noticed it yet. She is the one who can lead us to find him ."

Even his own survival was designed.

When Sarah came to visit her husband Jacob, she was moved by the sweet words of the other party, and when the two kissed and "no other thoughts", Sarah's phone was hacked .

But Sarah doesn't know it yet, and she faces a bigger problem in the bathroom: a surprise visit from T-bag.

Since Sarah didn't like T-bag at all, and what the other party said was sensational, making her even more confused, the abrupt meeting between the two naturally broke up unhappily .

After all, Sarah is a woman who has seen the world and has experienced life and death trials. After her phone was hacked, she already understood a lot of things. When she went to repair her phone, she played with caution.

The phone was hacked, the person who attempted the assassination appeared and followed him again, and then contacted the paper flower that Michael handed over through his son, and the T-bag suddenly visited with a message... Sara knew that she had already been caught up in it. There is no way to hide, so hide your husband and son first.

When the maintenance brother told her that it was her who hacked her mobile phone, Sarah thought of Kellerman for the first time .

What you see is not necessarily the truth . I think Kellerman is more like a smoke bomb. He may suspect him if he commits a crime. Although it is not wrong, but obviously, there is another person who has more opportunities-current husband Jacob .

After Sarah shared her concerns with Jacob, his response was fine, "Your business is mine," but ended up with this: "Do you want to run away?" The subtext was "You should continue. trace".

So now we can infer a conclusion: Jacob is actually the guy lurking next to Sarah who is responsible for monitoring and spying .

This can explain a lot of things, why there are so many paper cranes in the ditch outside the door, why Sarah can only receive Michael's paper flowers through her son, why Jacob was wounded in the murder but not killed, why He'll tell Sarah an analysis that clearly hints at Michael's change of heart (and probably jealous of course), why Sarah's phone got hacked just as they were kissing ...

However, Sarah did not open the perspective of God. Her current suspect is Kellerman, and she called T-bag. The two people who did not have much intersection began to join forces because of Michael .

Next, their goal was very clear. Although they were in the United States, although they could not go to Yemen to support Michael on the spot, they could help him solve his worries on the mainland .

name for oneself

I thought that the mystery would not be fully solved until the last few episodes, but obviously, the people in the play are more anxious than the audience...

As a "killer", Vip has gradually lost his cool, and although Michael has been admonishing him to be patient, he is clearly frightened by the environment : "So what? That was four years ago . All our plans, passports, return There is that store, and it may be all buried under the rubble now."

Michael and the others have long lost their original foreign aid, and now they can only rely on their relatives, Lincoln .

Through candy tips, Michael gained a channel to communicate with the outside world. It has to be said that scavenger children are an excellent choice for spreading news in war-torn areas...

The message that Michael passed on was the "safe house" where they had planned to escape four years ago , maps, plans, templates, passport photos, disguise, etc. All the resources for escape from prison were readily available - although time has changed, many of them are outdated, For example, the original evacuation point was on the northern border. Now it has been occupied and cannot be used, but the remaining resources can still play a big role .

It's just... it looks like Michael is planning to get the terrorist Abu Lamar out too.

Franklin's words were on everyone's mind: " This comes back to my real question, who are we helping to escape? Michael Schofield or Garnier Utis? "

Back in the prison, Vip was also full of pessimism about their current situation: "Poseidon arranged for us here to rescue Lamar, but he abandoned us again. Lamar is Poseidon's man, not ours ."

Vip's restlessness, apart from the fact that they lost foreign aid in the past four years and now the war is getting closer and closer to the prison, the words of the new soldiers have also shaken his determination.

As someone who had been locked up with Michael, the military knew Michael's "powerful" (I'm afraid he suffered from Michael's), and he would certainly be happy to divide the relationship between Michael and Vip .

"...I didn't have a brother until you pulled me in and rescued me from the Ozarks. Of course, I knew at the time that it was the CIA's job to save their people out. Yes, but the important thing is that we fought side by side, and we entrusted our lives to each other, as did the previous escape from Colombia... You are still the same you, this time . You take the alias Garnier Utis, disguised as International terrorist, that's just a name, it's just a wolf's skin, it's just an excuse to go to jail, right?"

"What I probably want to ask you is... Did something happen while you were in solitary confinement? Do you really believe you are Garnier Utis? ..."

At this point, the true identities of Michael and Vip can also be made clear, that is, secretly, they specially help the government to get special people out of prison who are inconvenient to extradite from official channels. Vip is the helper who joins the gang on the way, and Michael is the one who traverses the world. Prison escape master .

Now the question is: is Michael really lost ?

"Believe it or not, someone in my government wants that person out of jail because of their own complicated foreign policy, which is what Vip and I were sent to do, but for some reason we were betrayed, which is to say We don't have Lamar in our escape. Each of you is a big part of the plan ."

Faced with doubts, Michael spoke his heart out, and his true intentions can only be proved through actual actions.


Time is pressing. When the city's power is cut off at 1:00 a.m., it is time to leave. Everyone inside and outside the prison must act quickly.

The first way: escape means [failure]

Without a safe and reliable escape route, jailbreaking cannot be said to be successful . Michael's plan to evacuate through the northern border four years ago was clearly useless, and the ideal escape route was still by plane .

But Lincoln's passport had already been handed over, not to mention Michael, so he had to find a way to get a fake passport ...

Through Sheba, Lincoln expected to be able to spend money, and we already know the result after that - ISIL's one-eyed brother never forgets the beautiful Sheba, and the identities of the two Americans such as Lincoln are too suspicious, so the terrorists are naturally won't let them go.

In enemy territory, this defeat is not surprising .

Fortunately, Lincoln and Sheba were only injured in the end, and their lives were safe, but it was obviously impossible to leave Yemen by plane.

The land road is blocked (and Lamar has already fallen out), the air road is blocked (there is no passport, and the identity is also questionable), and the only way to go is by sea. The man at sea, Sucre, must appear as soon as possible .

The second way: cut off the power [success]

Franklin accompanied Tunisia to the power plant to cut off the power supply. This mission is very important, but it is relatively simple. After all, with internal personnel leading the way, the resistance will be much smaller.

Tunisia lost the main power supply, and Franklin just had to go and destroy the backup power supply .

The "old way" can also make everyone smile...

The rest is to go to the prison to respond to Michael and others, but whether this can go smoothly depends entirely on whether Michael and the others can come out.

The third way: escape from prison [failure]

Before we get down to business, let's get to know the two main guards at Ogegia Prison: Moustache and Beard .

Moustache is a dark and fierce little man . He criticizes prisoners in every possible way, and even abuses him at every turn. Seeing that Lamar wants to hang his gay brother Sid, he doesn't care, but just watches the show with cold eyes; Beard is the complete opposite. , is an upright and resolute man who respects the human rights of prisoners (gives Michael antipyretics, prevents murder), maintains the normal order in the prison, and still abides by his duty and mission in the chaotic moment.

Judging from the performance of the two in the subsequent actions, it also proved that the mustache is a fool who is easily exploited, and the dutiful mustache is the real obstacle to escape .

Michael took advantage of Vip's impatience to design the watch that stole the mustache, turned around and pretended to be connected to Lamar, and stuffed the watch to Lamar, ready to frame the blame .

After a while, the mustache rushed to the teacher to ask the guilt...

When he found nothing, the angry moustache ordered the entire prison to be under martial law . All the prisoners went back to their cells to stay. He dug three feet into the ground and found his watch.

"We'll be locked in our cells like everyone else, but only our cells will be able to escape." That's Michael's purpose.

Until this time, Lamar didn't know that Michael had been tricked, and the soldiers on the other side were also gloating: let you believe that liar, planted it?

It's a pity that people are not as good as heaven. At the moment of the power outage, the mustache happened to find the cell of Lamar's gang and the military brothers. In the short chaotic moment, the most dangerous person lost control ...

These two groups of people knew that Michael had a plan to escape from prison . Therefore, they ran to Michael's cell and dragged Michael's four people .

If there are chasing soldiers behind, is there a way ahead?

Michael miscalculated, this time there were more guards on the roof, trying to escape through here instantly became an extremely difficult task . After a short period of chaos, Beard quickly rectified the situation and "turned the tide". Not only did he control Lamar and the soldiers, but he also shouted out "they are on the roof!" One in one chance is gone.

The jailbreak operation, which was full of too many uncertainties, failed .

In fact, this failure is also reasonable. After all, it was too hasty . Michael only calculated the time to escape from the vent, and he could not control any other accidental factors .

The desperate operation is over, and the situation in the prison is reshuffled: the mustache must be furious, the mustache will be more vigilant, the soldier is dead brother, and Lamar also regards Michael as a mortal enemy.

Only one thing is the same, all of them point the finger at Michael, and Michael's death is coming from a normal point of view .

In the face of desperation, we should remember ourselves

Failed, and failed miserably .

At this time, Michael no longer had the calm elegance, nor the composure of strategizing, only infinite fear and despair. No matter how he looked at it, he was dying.

At this moment, Michael spoke his heart out with tears : "Sarah... I will put you in danger by saying these words, but it may not matter because I am dead, then they will let you go, but I love you...I never stop loving you .

This whole scam, it's for you, Sarah, if I do die, don't carve Garnier Utis on the tombstone, because it was never my name, let them carve my real name, always me , Michael Schofield. "

It seemed that I had reached a point where I couldn't turn around, but I was happy: as long as Michael didn't lose himself, and there was still love and dignity in his heart, there was still hope ahead, and there was no way out.


After the third episode, the context of the fifth season's plot has become very clear.

After Michael's suspended animation, he reached a certain agreement and became a "prison master" who worked for the CIA and other government agencies. Four years ago, he took the name of Utis and sneaked into Ogegia as a terrorist in an attempt to take Lamar away. However, the leader "Poseidon" abandoned them halfway, leaving Michael and Vip alone in prison. After waiting to no avail, Michael could only hope to get foreign aid through Lincoln and Sarah, but after contacting him many times in vain, he understood that there were people watching his family, so he could only rely on T-bag and his son Mai to notify him separately, and at the same time he gave him back to him. In order to fully understand all this, T-bag will also help Michael put out the fire in the backyard of his hometown (of course, there are still some doubts about this).

As long as Michael's heart is still there, all the difficulties and obstacles will not be terrible .


Let's grumble a little... don't forget the original intention, and move on.

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Next week's lawyers and prison break drama reviews will continue. I took time to watch "Designated Survivor" a few days ago. If I have time, I would like to talk about this interesting new drama. See you next comment.

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