Reproduction of two classic literatures

Kadin 2022-11-11 22:13:37

The story appears to be a metamorphosis of two classic literature: The Odyssey and Hamlet.

(1) The clues of the homecoming journey are quite easy to see. Garnier Otis is Nobody, that is, Odysseus who blinded the Cyclops, Poseidon ("God" exists in the "Void" void, But how to explain "21", the weight of the soul? So the soul exists in the void?) is the father of the Cyclops, Pheax is a sweet stop on Odysseus' voyage, and Penelope's reunion.

(2) The overall clue is the journey home, but the struggle is the succession of the throne, the succession of the intellectual throne, an attempt to write the history of "Hamlet", no longer "Prince's Revenge", but a man fighting for it. The throne of "intelligence" and "killing the father and marrying the mother", the deformed Oedipus complex, the love of Oedipus, the love of father and brother, Claudius failed to usurp the throne.

There are certainly other literary or non-literary elements, and there are certainly themes and patterns created by Prison Break itself.

In any case, after a long wait, it is still difficult for people to give a low rating. There are only nine episodes, which will be regarded as a test of the water (I don’t know if there will be a follow-up), the framework is too large, the ambition is too high, the puzzles There are too many, too many brain holes, and too fast turning points. Almost all problems can be blamed on the fact that the room for display is too small, and there are too many things for people to add. I believe that someone can make the story of these nine episodes rounder than drawn by a compass. The circle should be round (Mr. Han Han's quip), but being lazy, I have to say that you are a bad drama. However, I still give it five stars.

The only thing I can't get used to is that there are too many narration and explanatory words, which are not the style of the previous films at all. Even for a medium such as TV series that uses pictures and editing, language may represent a kind of incompetence and retrogression. Secrets are always revealed, and even little Mike knows that, for modern people, drawing is the best form of puzzle.

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Ogygia quotes

  • Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Lincolny-linc. All huffin' and puffin'. Don't you look at me like I'm trash. My house is in order. I'm clear with the government, the D.O.C., and my God. Doesn't appear to be the same with you. Look at you, all backslid. You're supposed to be going up in the world as you age, or did you not get the memo?

    Lincoln Burrows: You don't get off my deck, I'm gonna crack your skull.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: I wouldn't do that. Seems fate has deigned to join us at the hip once again, despite our mutual contempt.

    [showing him the envelope he received in prison]

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Have a look-see.

    [Lincoln opens the envelope and takes the contents out]

    Lincoln Burrows: Where'd you get this?

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Received it on release earlier this week. No return address.

    Lincoln Burrows: If you're playing me, I'll kill you.

    Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Take a look at that postmark on that. I may be a sophisti-cat, but not so sophisticated as to forge something like that. Besides, what angle could I possibly have in coming here and telling you that it looks like your brother might just be alive?

  • Dr. Sara Tancredi: I know you want it to be true. I want it to be true, too. But we gotta trust what we know.