Ten years of life and death

Guido 2022-11-21 20:26:18

It took seven or eight years between the fifth season and the fourth season, but when the fifth season started at one point, the atmosphere was right, and I was very pleased to dream of returning to the first season. It's just that the handsome boy in the first season has been turned into a gray-haired uncle in the fifth season. His wife and children are separated, and he has been displaced for many years. I don't know why, but when I looked at it, the words, "Ten years of life and death are boundless. If you don't think about it, you will never forget it." This sentence, that subtle feeling, is like a dream. The tight rhythm, the exquisite lines, the images of all beings in hell, and the dangers are all over the place. When I clicked on the first episode, I seemed to find the feeling of watching the first season. . This time, the location is in the Middle East. This setting did not live up to the audience's expectations. It satirized the vices of arrogance, superstition, objectification of women, etc.... The negative things about those people are all presented in the play. There is also a certain practical significance. I especially like the color grading when they were in prison in this season, the kind of cruel and romantic feeling that the doomsday is coming, and the epic sense of fate created intentionally or unintentionally in the background of the plot, which makes this film have a kind of similar to the previous one. 4 different feeling, especially the taste.

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Ogygia quotes

  • Lincoln Burrows: I envy you. You changed your life around.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: A man gets tired of living a profligate life. So I took up jihad. Real jihad, not that madness that you see on the news. War within. The spiritual struggle to clean up your act. Finding and serving God.

    Lincoln Burrows: That's good, man.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: The world needs it, Linc. I mean, we're, uh, we're small here, but we do what we can to help the peace efforts in the Middle East. Working on anti-radicalization campaigns here at home. Like I said, the struggle.

    Lincoln Burrows: That's why I'm here. If I needed to get to Yemen, that something you could help me with?

  • Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: I thought he was dead.

    Lincoln Burrows: So did everyone.

    Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: But Ogygia? I mean, that's for heavy hitters, political prisoners. In Yemen, it doesn't come any worse. I mean, do you know what it would take to stage a death? Not to mention keeping a man who is not dead under the radar for seven years.

    Lincoln Burrows: Some very powerful players.