Memories of a Generation

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As the first American drama in my life, I was enlightened and fascinated by the teacher. After more than ten years, I really wanted to watch it again, but after watching the next five seasons, it had to have 88 episodes, so I had to give up, and when I grew up, I would The time is far less than when I was young, so I have no choice but to watch some past video plot introductions. Although it has been a long time, I vaguely remember the opening and ending scenes of the film, and I don't remember how to open up the escape route (toilet screw - warehouse passage - tunnel - material storage room - sewer pipe - water storage tank discharge - electric wire), but an accident happened and the pipe was blocked. Replaced, then changed the plan (pipes - insane asylum - infirmary - wires) and don't remember how this group of people teamed up to escape (seven other than two brothers, remember tbag, mafia boss, Mexican simple muscle man, failed The big fat man, the forgotten guy, the black man and the old man, at the end, the old man revealed that he stole a huge sum of 15 million addresses, paving the way for the second season)

The second part tells about the lives of six people who are fleeing. The story is very scattered. It mainly focuses on everyone looking for money and then parting ways. FBI Ma Hong and the dismissed warden chased the fugitives all the way, five people—the brothers (fleeing from danger to Utah many times), tbag (the veterinarian picked up the arm and then went to Utah), the Mexican man (retrieve the daughter-in-law and call the police) Escape to Utah), Mafia (was shot by a gang, he should have very few scripts), black man (also went all the way to Utah, as if his scripts are very few), went to Tucha Farm, dig a I finally found a huge sum of money in the underground of the house. I dropped the bag and took the money. I went to my ex-girlfriend, but I was arrested by the warden. I took the money. , The latter went to find his daughter-in-law who still loved him. The male protagonist found the FBI secret and wanted to expose it but pinched each other. Sara cracked the male protagonist's secret and found his lover. In his memory, he still remembers more about the content of seasons 1 and 2. The plot is very tense and exciting. The story of the prison in one season, the escape story in the streets and alleys in the second season.

The two brothers in the three seasons were imprisoned again. They have been framed and hunted down by a mysterious organization (like Conan). They exchanged the information stolen from the prison for freedom. ? As for the story of the third season, I basically don't remember it. It can be seen that the most interesting prison break series must be the first two seasons.

Tbag, who was released from prison in the fifth season, found that Mi Ge was still alive, found his brother, chased him all the way to the Yemen prison, and saved his younger brother. As for the back story, he has forgotten it, and it is not important.

Prison Break seems to have been possessed by the national football team since the third season, and the classics have disappeared. At that time, the Internet was just starting in China, and everyone watched dramas online. Suddenly there was a series that was not a series of returning beads or deep feelings, but full of tricks and tensions. , plasma, escape, escape from the FBI, fall into a mysterious organization, every reversal, reversal, reversal and reversal, makes our hearts ecstatic, exciting, accompanied by their joys and sorrows, our generation has grown old, This is the reason why jailbreak cp is popular in China. If there is a sixth season (probably), it will definitely follow, because this is the story of a generation

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