(Updated in Episode 6) Diversity details and irresponsible brain holes (Episode 04-06)

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The previous post is a bit long. For the sake of convenience, let’s break it down~

Regression and episodes 01~03: In those years, we chased “Prison Break” together & sorting out the details of the episodes and being irresponsible for the brain hole (Episodes 01~03) )
Episode 07-09 Channel: Diversity details and irresponsible brain hole (Episode 07-09)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Episode 4~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

After the failure of the plan in the last episode, the three branches in prison (Michael), Yemen (Lincoln), and New York (Sara) were frustrated to varying degrees, each branch in this episode finally has substantial progress and Intersection, ushered in the first round of small climax. Especially the hug when the brothers recognized each other, and the sound of "brother", when I saw it in the trailer, I didn't know how many people's hearts were affected.

Let's talk about Michael and Lincoln, the two lines that have a great influence on each other. If the first three episodes were still in a state of "everything is planned, but a little troublesome", then from this episode, things began to develop in an uncontrollable direction. The approaching ISIL, rioting prisons, and chaotic cities make this escape even more dangerous.

1. Because of saving Sheba, Lincoln gained her father's trust and help. Sheba's father used to be a government official. At present, he wants to leave Yemen. This is the most likely target of the local escape team.

2. Losing the restraint of the prison guards, riots began in the prison. Forced by the situation, Abu agreed to cooperate with Michael to escape. Spoons and ropes hidden in the walls and iron pipes ripped from the ceiling constitute a simple but effective escape tool. And the setting that the long-handled spoon can only be used to open the door of the opponent's prison, people can't help but think of the story about heaven, hell and cooperation. (People in hell starve because the spoons are too long to drink the soup. In heaven, people use the same spoons to feed each other and enjoy it.)

3. When evading the pursuit, when Michael is ready to gamble, let Wrip pass the word, if he dies, tell little Michael that his father loves him very much. Wrip's reaction, apparently unaware of Michael's identity and the fact that he has a son.

4. Lincoln's IQ was on the line again. With the help of the child who delivered the letter, he got the key to the prison. When he rushed back, he saw that Michael and his party were climbing over the wall from the other side. (Please fill in Lincoln's psychological shadow area by yourself) This child is also one of the few local people who can help, and maybe there will be more in the future.

5. Michael and the Korean Jia staged a counter-purpose drama. In order to let Jia get rid of Abu, he took a shortcut and rushed to the meeting point to take out the weapons he had hidden before, but Abu saw through it. The meeting place was the shop that Michael prepared for him four years ago. Lincoln also relied on this only clue to finally arrive at the scene in time (after most of the episode), preventing Abu's execution of Michael and others. (Brain fills Lincoln's inner OS: With such a worry-free younger brother, is it easy for me?!)

6. When the two sides were at a stalemate, Wrip stepped forward and killed Abu in a surprise attack, relying on his mouth gun + tacit cooperation with Michael + powerful combat power. Well, before this, I have been curious about how this nagging and seemingly weak character became Michael's assistant, and this is the explanation.

7. The prototype of Abu Lamar is likely to be the current leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He originally belonged to the "Al Qaeda". After bin Laden was killed, he turned against other people in the organization, gradually separated, and established ISIL. After Baghdadi captured the prisoners, he would all be shot or beheaded, and the execution process was filmed and posted online. Time magazine called Baghdadi "the most dangerous man in the world".

8. The team that escaped temporarily has finally ushered in the exciting moment of brotherhood. Sitting in front of the screen is very excited! Michael's explanation for the previous denial of the relationship between the two: because it was filming at the time, "they" could not know. The contact video was eventually sent to Sara's phone, indicating that he should have known for certain that Sara was being watched.

Going back to the New York line, interspersed with the thrills of the Yemen line, there are not many scenes in this line, but it broke the biggest material of this episode.

1. Sara's "agent" T-Bag found the suspected Kellerman and learned part of Poseidon's situation from his mouth:
i. He is a former CIA defected agent that the State Department has been looking for for many years, and no one knows his identity;
ii . . He is dissatisfied with the government policy, so he manipulates it privately to achieve his own political goals;
iii. He does all this without using the Internet, and it is invisible and difficult to track.

2. After T-Bag finishes saying "I want to know who is running everything behind the scenes", the camera cuts to the government office where it is Henry Kishida, one of Kellerman's assistants, who received Sara when she first came to the State Department. However, his aura was obviously different at this time, and it was obvious that he had connections with Poseidon's men. There is also a new face, his female assistant Grace.

3. Unexpectedly, Kellerman who leaked the news... bento. Before the lunch, he hadn't forgotten to turn against Poseidon's men who killed him. Visually, it was still effective, and it was considered a final contribution. (Sigh for Kellerman, by the way, writers, let's have a good chat!)

4. The wounded and fleeing T-Bag stalked Poseidon's men, and found the big news - everyone's guesses came true - and Jacob was apparently related to them too.

The follow-up plot is not responsible for the brain hole:

In Yemen, at this time, ISIL has taken control of the city. Because of killing their leader, the entire ISIL army declared war on Michael and others. Although he escaped from prison, the situation after that was obviously more dangerous. Among them, the one-eyed man who tried his best to stop them should be Sheba's former "suiter" one-eyed man. His previous grievances obviously made him hate Lincoln and Sheba.

On the New York side, Jacob apparently found the T-Bag filming him, and our tea bags are going to be out of luck again. While I'm pretty reassured that his "immortality", coupled with the capabilities of his manipulator, should be fine for self-preservation, messaging Sara may be difficult.

Regarding the candidate of Poseidon, two suspicious characters are given: Kishida and Jacob.

Personally, I am more inclined to Jacob, because of his background in game science and his previous behavior of hacking Sara's mobile phone: Sara's mobile phone was cracked through a password when he made out with him, not a fingerprint, but probably his hand. And the identity of working in the university is quite in line with his invisible setting.

There is not much ink on Kishida. He is likely to be one of Jacob's staff members in the government department, responsible for transmitting information, issuing orders, etc., and is the direct contact of the two killers.

In "Othello", his son had a lot of scenes on his way back to his hometown and gave him considerable help. In the situation that Sara is strictly guarded, I actually look forward to the unexpected effect of the soft and cute little Michael who inherited Michael's IQ at the critical moment. After all, Xiao Zhengtai, a cute creature with a high IQ, is a weapon with huge lethality~~

If you want to know what happens next, see you next week


EP05 Details &Clue sorting

After the successful escape, although the rhythm of this episode remains tense, however, the precise (continuously unexpected) planned actions are replaced by more chaotic escapes, the puzzles are gradually concentrated, and the clues are reduced.

Although Michael's personal revelation clearly explained the truth of his "death", from the previous clues, everyone has basically guessed it, and the surprise is not strong. On the contrary, the conflict in the plot is more concentrated on people, and for the first time, Michael, who has been a cow for four and a half years, has been pulled down from the altar.

It is said that the escape from prison was a lot of complaints because of the long and chaotic escape process, but this time, fortunately, the length is short enough, and the rhythm should be much better. It is said that the strike of American screenwriters is about to start again. I remember the fourth season when I hit the gunpoint... So, is there any connection between the escape and the strike?

Alright, let’s get down to business, let’s get back to the drama~ Let’s

look at the Yemen line first:
1. Michael and his party were rewarded with a lot of money by ISIL, and they became the target of the whole city, which greatly increased the difficulty of escape. For the first time, Lincoln had a disagreement with Michael on the choice of escape route.

2. Points worth noting in Michael's revelation:

i. Regarding Poseidon, Michael said that he was a frustrated politician of the CIA and thought he was better than his boss. Contrary to what Kellerman said, Michael doesn't seem to know that he has defected. On the one hand, it is possible that Poseidon abandoned them four years ago, and on the other hand, it is more likely that Poseidon still holds the corresponding position in another identity.

ii. Poseidon built a secret group 21-void in the CIA, which can be translated as 21 voids/blanks, is it possible that this represents 21 non-existent people? (Fake identity like Michael)

iii. Michael insisted that he made the only right choice, trying to protect everyone, it seems that years of life in the shadows of constant calculations did have a little impact on his character.

3. Wrip has no knowledge of Michael's true identity or past, and a crisis of confidence persists. From Michael's words, it seems that he has another purpose in finding Wrip as a helper (but it may also be his means of manipulating Wrip).

4. The one-eyed brother was despised by his companions and his IQ was derailed. He deduced Michael's escape route and successfully led people to trap them. It should be mentioned before that this character probably corresponds to the Cyclops in "Othello", a character who is constantly causing trouble.

5. Michael's insistence on his own opinion caused everyone to be trapped with almost no way to escape. Fortunately, the Korean brother's skill value went online, and he designed a small explosion to stop the enemy. Michael confessed his failure to his brother, thought he had screwed everything up, and handed over the reins to Lincoln.

6. When Michael mentioned that he became a Ghost, the owl at the beginning reappeared. If you look closely, you will find that this owl is actually facing the camera from the back, but the pattern on the back of its head is very similar to two eyes, so that at first glance it will think it is its front. Is this a fake status symbol? (Or is this the source of Michael's palm and eye tattoos?) Who else has another identity besides Michael? Poseidon? Other members of 21-void?

7. Brother Qian and Xiba rescued the pilot at the airport, stole a small plane, and were ready to meet and take off, but due to the previous delay, Michael and his party arrived at the airport just a step late, and Michael's plan and stubbornness became theirs instead. hindrance.

Looking at the New York line again, after this episode, the big Boss that I thought was exposed turned out to be even more mysterious.

1. After Sara learned that Jacob had a problem, she went home to pick up little Michael as soon as possible, but she ran into a confrontation with Jacob and ran away. At this point, Jacob already knew Sara's suspicions.

2. Heather, Sara's good friend who appeared for the first time, is a person Sara trusts and can contact Jacob's colleague who traced Sara's mobile phone for help to confirm whether Jacob is lying. If Sara was being watched by someone around her, her best friend might not be so innocent.

3. After Jacob learned that he was suspected, all the "whitewashing" behind him was just right, whether it was the testimony in the university or the killer who was suddenly caught by the police station. Jacob is a master of game science, and it should not be particularly difficult for him to arrange these things to clear the suspicion. Sara's embrace and thoughtfulness after seeing the tracker also shows that she doesn't fully trust Jacob.

After watching this episode, I suddenly found that in this season, the roles of the two brothers seem to be quietly changing. Michael's omnipotent image was gradually broken, exposing his inner fears and weaknesses; while Lincoln, although he was still a gangster at the beginning, has grown significantly, with both IQ and EQ on the line, and he has his own His plan and responsibility have truly become a brother that Michael can rely on at critical moments. He should be the son who goes to sea to find his father in Odyssey, and takes on the role of bringing lost relatives home.

Well, there is no brain hole this time, and now the biggest mystery is the identity of Poseidon, which was analyzed once before. Although it seems to have given a lot of clues this time, I have a feeling that I have been slipped away.%¥#&*

Regarding the escape group, I would very unkindly predict that there will be at least one more...

Well, let's do this for now Well, see you next week~

PS: Today is a bit late, and since I will be wandering in the field these few weeks, the update may not be so timely (it doesn't seem to be very timely), but I will try to keep up with it!


Episode 6 Details & Clues Sorting out

Signals dangling on the ship were intermittent, and finally they docked Time to download the sixth episode. However, this episode was really a watcher...with mixed feelings.

The people who escaped from the prison, after several backup plans failed one after another, decisively released themselves and turned on Michael's least favorite "improvisation" mode (don't we like it too?!), the protagonist's halo is fully open, gorgeous Transformed into a great adventure in Yemen; in New York, dear Sara, T-Bag, Jacob, none of them appeared, and the identity of Poseidon continued to be foggy, holding on to the only suspense and not letting go.

There are already too many people complaining about the plot, so I won't say more, or list some (seemingly) useful plots.

******Yemen Adventure Part******

Most of the plot in this line is Da Da Da Da + Run Run Run. Since the protagonists have survived the hail of bullets several times unscathed, and the fact that the supporting characters who haven't played a role generally don't die, even though the camera is desperately trying to create tension, I just can't get nervous. Still, there is some information.

1. The identity of Wrip and his still somewhat strained relationship with Michael. About Wrip, all we know so far is that he is an orphan who was included by Michael. He is quite good at talking and fighting. Since the past few episodes, there has been a lot of descriptions about the relationship between him and Michael. I don't know this little contradiction. When will it explode. Michael had mentioned that he had a purpose with him, and this time, he mentioned again, don't mess with Wrip, although he has been giving orders, but Wrip should be more than just an assistant.

2. They learned the name of Phaeacia from the cannon fodder man. This is to escape the war and hide in a paradise-like place deep in the desert, which is also their next escape target. Phaeacia is the last place where Odyssey stayed when he returned home in ancient Greek mythology.

3. Michael should have discovered the surveillance drone. He went to the gas station to surf the Internet, found the contact "Blue Hawaii", and asked the other party to take a screenshot of the tattoo on his hand, deliberately leading the two killers to "Blue Hawaii". ”, and judging from the latter’s performance, it should have been well prepared for the arrival of the killer duo.

4. Michael's red and white stone trick is a very old lottery trick. When all the draws are the same, the last person to see the result is naturally considered to have won the only special draw. This self-sacrifice tendency is probably related to the guilt in his heart that he constantly affects others in order to achieve his goals.

5. Regarding the one-eyed man who has been chasing him, after being beaten up by Lincoln, locked in handcuffs, and disliked by his own people, he can still be so persevering, sticking behind him like dog skin plaster. Well, I can understand the setting that the positive characters can't kill people casually, but the villain that Low can't get rid of is really unpleasant to watch. Where have all the sinister, cunning, coquettish and charming villains like my T-Bag gone?
Both eyes have been poked, so he shouldn't follow him again, right?

*****New York detective game part******

1. The killer duo who were arrested in the last episode were released on bail in minutes, which shows that while Poseidon is powerful, he still retains the suspicion of Jacob.

2. Kishida took over the job of the original Kellerman, and at the same time took over the investigation of 21-void. Judging from his uncooperative attitude, the suspicion of his connection with Poseidon was obviously more serious. However, both the content and attitude of the phone call between him and the female killer showed that he did not seem to be the one who had been giving them instructions from behind, but more like one of the members of 21-void.

3. The female killer worked in the National Security Agency before. It was Poseidon who transferred her to the CIA and gave her a new meaning in life. It can be seen that he is a master of manipulating people's hearts. From the performance of the female killer's cellmates and her former colleagues, it can be inferred that she is a lace.

4. The killer duo were guided by messages sent by Michael to his contact, who lived in "Blue Hawaii" in Portland, Maine, in the northeastern United States. He calls his place Graceland, and the room is full of Southeast Asian decor. The most famous Graceland we know is Elvis Presley's former home in Tennessee, a pilgrimage site for many fans, and I don't know how the two are related.

Graceland and the mysterious "Blue Hawaii"

About Poseidon's new brain hole: Although the previous personal pronoun has always used "he", the female killer suddenly seems to be out of the closet and her sentence "I thought I was his favorite" made my brain hole Suddenly, is it possible that Poseidon is actually a woman? From this point of view, the new female boss of Kishida may not be just a passerby. Moreover, the scene between Kishida and the female boss only illustrates the confrontation between the two, and there is no substantive information.

Well, not only did it not solve the problem, but now the scope of suspicion is wider, I ran away from the blame...

In this episode, the most touching thing is probably the paradise-like Feix in the depths of the desert, and there are guidelines The fireworks that Michael arrived. I sincerely hope that with this firework as a turning point, the last three episodes can be exciting again.

See you next week! (I try to make sure there is a signal...)

Welcome to pay attention to forwarding exchanges and teasing~

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