Prison Break S5E5

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To be honest, it's kind of annoying. From the emotional memory of the first episode to the present, to the gradual unfolding of the second and third episodes, and then to the fourth episode of the roller coaster, this season of "Prison Break", the fifth episode gives the worst impression, big and small bugs. Heap, the most terrible thing is Michael's blind impulse, only seeing the trees but not the forest ... Although we have to understand that this is a necessary "plot arrangement", and Michael also wakes up in the end, but the overall effect of this episode is difficult to return and deserves it despised by everyone . [The last episode of the drama was criticized by many friends. There are too many repetitions and too little analysis. This question needs to be reflected on. There is really no need to spend a lot of time talking about many things that are clear at a glance, so I will try to compress the length as much as possible... But more pictures are longer The text is also my style characteristic, so I have to try to balance it as much as possible. 】

Sarah: You want me to believe you?

The meeting between Jacob and the two killers was smashed by T-bag, but T-bag came to tell Sarah the first time regardless of the injury, just got off the phone with her good husband, and when he turned around, the sky changed. .

This is something that can't be faked , and Sarah's first reaction was correct, she first pulled her son Mai to her side.

However, before he could calm down, Jacob came up accurately and Sarah was straightforward . She took out the evidence photos and saw what you said. Jacob's response was exactly the same as that of thousands of men: " It's not what you think, you listen to my explanation. " Of course Sarah didn't listen, and directly gave him the exhaust.

After that, all the process was a pretentious thing. What to talk to my girlfriend, and the girlfriend persuaded me well. Jacob called to explain, and went to the technical teacher to ask the "facts". I can feel free to let Sarah go to investigate. What could be wrong?

This is not enough, Jacob has another big move: come to the police station, two killers have been caught.

Look at the dead fish faces of this man and woman, are you kidding me? Worse yet, Jacob was serious.

Sara turned to look at the man in front of him. His various tongue-in- cheek and quick-talking words were all made by him... What's more, he actually used the three common truths of "money". as an important condition for meritorious service .

What else can I say, of course to forgive him - because all this is not at all! combine! logic! Edit! Two killers who want to kill you were turned into a mentally handicapped pickpocket by Jacob who stole the phone and then wanted to sell it back to the owner for $100 . After the whole arrest process, he became a heroic image of courage and strategy, please, even I don't believe in simple people like me at all, would Sarah believe you?

I have no choice but to take the plan and pretend that the old lady believes your nonsense, and see what kind of monster you will do next.

Right now, there are two possibilities: either Jacob thinks he has deceived Sara, and Sara secretly endures to find out the truth; or Jacob knows that he can't deceive Sara, and the two of them are spying on each other. But no matter what kind it is, the arrangement of this episode is really unconvincing .

- As for the third possibility, Jacob is really innocent... Believe it or not, I don't believe it anyway.

Michael: I believe in myself!

Compared with Sarah's farce, Michael's escape experience is more disturbing.

The great leader of ISIL, Lamar, died, and the remaining fanatics vowed to repay the murderer with blood and blood, and even offered 10 million riyals as a bounty.

This time, most of the people in Sana'a turned into sharks smelling blood, and Michael and his party were the flesh that was dripping blood .

In the face of Lincoln's question, Michael just spoke to him, but this time Lincoln didn't plan to let his brother go: "Now you should tell me what happened, everything... What happened to you, Michael?! Now, You tell me what's going on first, or I won't move a step ."

Say it quickly to make me happy, or I'd rather everyone die here! Lincoln's "unreasonableness" is completely understandable. No matter what difficulties Michael had, the facts he caused were too irresponsible to his relatives .

Michael had to tell his brother about his difficulties. In order for his family to be truly free, he had to fake his death and started working for Poseidon. Please believe that I resisted, but it was useless.

After a brief introduction of his past and secrets, Lincoln finally felt a little better, and as the chasing troops were getting closer and closer, everyone had to put escape back to the top priority again.

Regarding the escape method, the two brothers had a major disagreement. Michael insisted on taking the train and crossing the border by land as originally planned, while Lincoln believed in Franklin and hoped to leave Yemen by air by plane .

In fact, Michael makes sense that the airport is no longer safe, the target is too obvious and the risk is too high, it is better to go to the train station to try his luck.

But the wicked thing is that Franklin really succeeded ... He seemed to open the perspective of God, staring at the pilot in the chaotic airport hall, then followed him and saved his life, in exchange for a flight to escape Opportunity.

But Lincoln just refused to call Franklin first , sooner or later, if he knew there was a plane waiting for them, maybe the stubborn Michael would change his mind.

The reality is that Lincoln has been accompanying Michael willfully : seeing the train station full of terrorists with live ammunition, Lincoln painstakingly persuaded Michael to turn back to the shore, but Michael did not believe in evil, and took a huge risk to resist the package. Forcibly cross the sea without making any disguise .

So I really can't blame anyone for being stopped because of a pair of shoes... After that, the five people were able to escape with their entire bodies , which is already the effect of opening the protagonist's halo.

In this way, Michael was still obsessed and went to another train station to fight. "Double up on a losing gamble, like your deal with the CIA seven years ago, look around you, your plans affect other people, and you can't even see it."

Even Lincoln's thoughts are clearer than his own, but Michael can't see it, has he become stupid? It seems unlikely, it should be said that Michael was blinded by self-blame and self-confidence .

"Every day, every second, the people, the indirect victims, the lives I've affected... but I can't start thinking about it, because if I start thinking about it, everything will fall apart and none of us can go home , I have to Concentrate and lead the way, just like in Fox River Prison."

After working under Poseidon for so long, the fact that Michael's hands were covered with blood and filth had always tormented Michael, and to escape this painful feeling, Michael could only redouble his efforts to beat himself and use urgency to disperse him. Fear, rejoice in victory.

This unhealthy and irrational mentality caused Michael to blindly believe in his own extraordinary intuition and omnipotent ability... Under the blindfold, Michael forgot that he was not a god, but a mortal after all.

The overconfident Michael chose to drive to the train station. Although the remaining three wanted to go to the airport, between Lincoln and Michael, they finally chose Michael. Lincoln had no choice but to continue to accompany his brother crazy.

But following does not mean willingness . In the face of Vip's doubts, Michael even said: " How did I do it for so many years? Who has been taking care of you in every detail? It's me, right? ... Nothing has changed, you are still my strength. Master."

If Michael still had a shred of reason before, then at this point, he has gone completely by feeling-purely relying on past success and experience as the belief support for his current actions. This is not called self-confidence, but called self-confidence. arrogant.

Then he was hit by a car with one eye, and was forced into a dead end by terrorists.

It wasn't until this kind of desperate and desperate time that Michael came to his senses : "I'm sorry, Lincoln, I should have gone to you then, when Poseidon traded with me, I should have gone to you for help, I will Smashed. At that time, I was thinking if I deal with it myself, the pain will only be left to me, but instead I opened Pandora's box and I wanted to make it better, but I just let everyone Things got worse . In the process, I became a ghost... but all I did was out of love ."

It's good if you know your mistakes and correct them, and your nature is not bad. You will still be that genius Michael.


Silly brother, if you can understand it, why do you put all the burden on your shoulders? Just share some of it. You are responsible for being smart, and brother, I am responsible for helping you beat people.

As the eldest brother, Lincoln has well practiced his responsibility to help, accompany, enlighten, support, and encourage his younger brother. He pulled Michael at the most difficult moment, otherwise the younger brother would collapse.

Now that the psychological problems have been resolved , it's time to deal with the troubles in front of you. It's so arrogant to fight the tiger brothers and use the wrench tube to fight the AK rifle - why didn't you grab two defenses after running for so long before? What about self defense?

Then, the terrorist who broke in was solved by Ya singing...

Five people came out and continued to run. This time they were about to go to the airport, but they killed the gay brother Sid with one eye. In fact, before that, Sid already had the will to die - Ya this guy said "don't run, wait for death", and he was still actively trying to survive - but Sid was really ready to die of.

Objectively speaking, among the five people, Sid, as a key figure in jailbreak, has run out of value, and now he is more like a burden. There is no problem in letting him leave the team in this way... It's just that the handling is too ruthless, in other words , indifferent and rude .

And One-Eyed, let him go back to the safe house and find that Michael's escape route seems to have been suspended. Now after killing Sid, he has not been killed by Michael and the others, but has just turned from one-eyed to blind ...

It's really incomprehensible here. If revenge is to let him live in pain, that's all. The problem is that the blind man knows the destination of Michael's group, and there is still a threat. Even if it is known to other ISIL members, it may be too late, but after all, it is a Hidden dangers , sincerity and reason, should not keep him.

In short, after going around for a long time, Michael and the others finally straightened out the escape method, but it was too late.

The pilots are right to take off without waiting for anyone. The ISIL people have already started to close the runway. If you leave now, the people on the plane can be saved, and the people outside the plane can also find other ways. If you wait any longer, no one will be able to run .

The situation is stronger than people. Michael and Lincoln can only accept the fact that they have lost their way out in the air, turn around and run away, looking for another life.

The land route is extremely difficult, and the air route has also been lost. It seems that the only thing left is the sea route. When will you come out, Sucre?


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