It's the obscenity and arrogance of the white left in Hollywood again

Kayli 2022-09-21 12:20:44

The white leftists in Hollywood are still haunted by Trump's election as president. It is impossible for Hillary Clinton to lose the election just by investigating the email door. Trump's so-called Russian collusion has been nitpicking and smearing through the Democratic Party's eggs in 2020. After the impeachment inquiry, it is still nothing.

The anti-common sense behavior of the white-left elite of the Democratic Party in immigration, anti-terrorism, gun ownership, abortion, speech, human relations, environmental protection, welfare, and taxation has made many people with traditional values ​​abhorrent! The rude and outspoken political amateur Trump rejects everything Political correctness, saying what many people think but dare not say. The failure of Hillary and the Democratic Party stems from their own hypocrisy and arrogance. There is no relationship. After four years of political correctness, the Democratic Party's white and left are still insisting on their own way, which also helps Trump to be re-elected in 2020!

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