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Marcus 2022-09-21 20:03:28

I can only say how stupid or bad it is to criticize this film for the Democratic Party and Bai Zuo's defeat in 2016 to tell such a lie that ignores the facts. In the film (and in reality) Comey repeatedly emphasizes his Republican identity, including his deputy Andrew McCabe. They have always been loyal Republicans. So using partisanship to attack or even deny this film is really a villain's heart. Of course, for the cult group of iron powder with broken beds, this is their most typical characteristic. Supporting the broken bed can ignore all the facts, even if he has always been a liar all the time, he has never done anything by any means, and is extremely shameless, selfish, greedy and despicable bastard. They see all criticism and revelations of bedbreak as fabricated facts and vicious attacks. They turned a blind eye to all the crimes committed by the bedbreaker, and even praised it, thinking that it was a maverick and went its own way. They know that Bed Po is the evil in their hearts. More or less, because of morality, law and face, they cannot do whatever they want. extricate themselves.

In my opinion, this film is about the struggle and struggle of individuals when faced with the dilemma of choice, especially when reality conflicts with their original beliefs and principles, what to do. Facing a choice not only includes FBI Director Comey, but also his boss, Deputy Attorney General Yates, and Rosenstein, who succeeded Yates, and many other ordinary people who cannot stay out of the matter. Comey's original book is called A Higher Loyalty. I guess that means at least not being loyal to a political party or politician (so that's the absurdity of his repeated insistence that Bedpo wants his allegiance, and Ohei is a stark contrast to it), but loyalty to the FBI's independence, justice and protection The ideal and principle of democracy and the rule of law. Therefore, when dealing with the scandals of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, Comey insisted on being impartial and maintaining the FBI's aloof attitude. But what he did not expect is that the FBI is a government component and will inevitably be interfered by politicians and political parties. If it is a politician who cherishes feathers like Ohei, the FBI can still have relative independence and freedom; but with the passage of time, the bed has fully incited and manipulated public opinion, causing unprecedented division and confrontation in American society, and all US government departments cannot stay out of it. Either they submit to the power of the president, or they submit to the raging public opinion, and they can only take sides. Because of this, Comey and the FBI are walking on thin ice and losing ground in handling the Hillary Clinton email incident and the bed breaking the door to Russia. He thought he had achieved a clear conscience, but to outsiders (especially the people who didn't know the inside story and were easily instigated and manipulated), he seemed to have two ends, both sides were unflattering, and he was not a person inside or outside. More ironically, he thought he was sticking to his principles, showing a higher level of loyalty, and maintaining the independence of the FBI. But it was precisely because of his stubbornness and conservatism that he was unwilling to be flexible, which led to his stealing the election victory, causing unprecedented damage to American democracy and legal affairs. At the same time, it also brought the reputation of the FBI, which Comey cared about and cherished, to a historic low. , which rendered Comey's persistence and sacrifice worthless.

Comey and O'Hay, and even the recently deceased Judge Ginsburg, are the same kind of people, who have high morals and strict self-discipline, but also have lofty ideals and firm beliefs. But the more such a person is, the easier it is to be self-righteous, the easier it is to eat the past and not change, and to be limited by the status quo. And this so-called moral cleanliness eventually evolved into fame and reputation, caring about personal gains and losses far higher than the higher values ​​he should care about, such as fairness and justice. He thought he was a saint, I could go to hell, and of course others could go to hell too. But in fact, they are more interested in pushing others into hell while keeping themselves out of it. Pride deprives them of a clear sense of reality and the future. For example, when Ohei took office a few years ago, he politely persuaded the elderly and sickly Judge Ginsburg to retire so that he could appoint her replacement during his tenure. But Ginsburg reveled in the aura of public figures (she and Justice Scalia became two of the Supreme Court's most well-known public stars and media darlings in their twilight years, and they enjoyed it so much that they both died in office) , categorically refused. As a result, he died in bed and broke his office, which eventually led to the loss of another liberal justice in the Supreme Court, and it is very likely that he will never recover. Comey, O'Hare, and Ginsburg are all incredibly smart, savvy people, and how could they fail to see how dangerous a bedbreaker is. But they obviously overestimated themselves and underestimated the broken bed, in the spirit of they go low, we go High's cliché, I think I can't control the bedbreaker and the Republican Party, at least the system can control them, the most important thing is that I don't go into troubled waters and keep myself clean. But they just forget that the system is dead and people are alive. Once Bed Po is elected, he can cause much damage and damage to the system, and at the same time, he will do everything to slander and abuse his former opponents. In the face of the people who were manipulated and deceived, Comey and others were simply unable to clear themselves, and could only endure the helpless ending of being misunderstood, slandered and insulted. In fact, they could not have been so embarrassed, as long as they could partially sacrifice their pride. From a distance, Lincoln, the greatest president in American history, lived up to his name not because his morality was beyond reproach, but because he sacrificed himself in order to accomplish a higher purpose. This includes using extraordinary means to deal with extraordinary enemies during extraordinary times. Just like he did not hesitate to take illegitimate and even illegal means such as bribing members in order to pass the abolition bill in Congress. Although in the short term, what Lincoln did violated the moral code, in the long run, he was undoubtedly right and great. Recently, Comey's predecessor, Mark Felt, who served as deputy director of the FBI, was the famous "Deep Throat" in the Watergate scandal. When he found that justice could not be done through normal means, he risked losing his office and even going to prison. The risk of breaking the news to reporters finally succeeded in bringing Nixon down through the power of the media. When Comey faced the same predicament, why couldn't he try a similar way to let more people, especially the public, understand the truth?

Qian Zhongshu once said: "God wants to punish mankind, sometimes a year of famine, sometimes a plague or war, and sometimes a moralist, with ideals that are too noble for ordinary people to realize, accompanied by proportional to his ideals. The self-confidence and incitement of the people have merged into unconscious pride.” It is truly heartbreaking to see the United States and the world, which has confused black and white, spoofed, unscrupulous, and unprecedented chaos, division, suspicion, and hostility after Bedbreak came to power. And in a world full of lies and deceit, will Comey realize that he has betrayed a higher allegiance?

A lot of injustice will kill oneself, justice may be late, but never absent. No matter how scumbags and Republican scumbags like McConnell, Graham, Giuliani make trouble today, and no matter they may deceive everyone in a short time, or deceive some people forever; but they can't deceive everyone forever . In time, they will be nailed to the pillar of shame in history. I also advise those bed fans who are obsessed with the devil, in addition to being a brainless fan, there are other values ​​in life, such as integrity, kindness, honesty, decency, compassion, responsibility, respect for others, etc. These are what you need to embody higher Loyal place.

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