system and people

Sonia 2022-09-21 11:52:59

The FBI belongs to the Department of Justice, and the Department of Justice belongs to the President, so the independence of the FBI will definitely be affected.

Ordinary case handling may not have much impact, but when it comes to elections, it is really a test of people's hearts rather than the system.

Comey is a professional bureaucrat, not a politician, so his handling of things is relatively simple. It can be said that he is professional in handling cases. Facing Trump's allegiance, there is only one way out.

But if he is really filial and loyal, then the FBI is finished, and he can turn a blind eye.

The American system is also very fragile, and many times rely on people's hearts.

When the system fails, there will be whistleblowers, whistleblowers, and supervision by the media, parliamentarians, and opposition parties.

Therefore, if people are lacking, the system will come together, the news system, the Congress system, and if they all fail in the end, there will be the impeachment system and the Supreme Court system.

The system is insufficient, and the people support it. Behind it is the unifying values ​​of the United States, simple and simple.

Unless this kind of value starts to tear apart, it begins to become two competing values, people change their minds, and the system becomes unreliable. .

No country can last forever.

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