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Newell 2022-09-21 16:49:08

The filming of the drama is good, and it reflects American values. The mix of true and false can perfectly reshape and replace the impression of unknown viewers. Regarding the email door: 1. In the initial decision not to prosecute, a part of Assange's wj decryption was exposed, but due to the way of obtaining this part, it cannot be used as evidence; 2. The real background of the restart investigation, someone exposed the deleted email on 2016.10.28 It could have been obtained legally on the NSA's own spy, and the FBI was then forced to reassemble its investigative team. Some facts from the show: 1. Clinton did meet Attorney General Lynch at the airport, and the FBI stopped the investigation shortly after; 2. Weiner's computer, the husband of Ciri's chief of staff, was accused of sending pornography to minors The text message was investigated by the FBI, and then the case was forwarded to the New York Police Department. It was found that the deleted emails on the computer (the real situation was some deleted emails), in the play, the FBI decided not to prosecute after restarting the investigation. 1. Assange has been sheltered by the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK before the e-mail door. In 2018, Ecuador and Britain reached an agreement, and then Assange was arrested by the British side, and then disappeared from the news media; 2. There are many e-mail doors. Personnel related to unexplained deaths, such as Seth Rich, the data director of the Democratic Party who sent some emails to wj, were shot and killed, and then ended the case with armed robbery; after the election of 3, the two parties began to cool down the email door and the Russia door, until the election before the election. There are repeated mentions, but they are all measured and not as sharp as 2016.

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