Trump, the offense may be the whole of Hollywood.

Kassandra 2022-11-02 07:49:59

After Trump is elected, offending not only Hillary Clinton, but also the entire Hollywood, especially the female actors in Hollywood. We have never understood American politics. It is still surprising that Trump has offended so many people.

Hollywood can be said to have carried the banner against Trump, and almost all film and television dramas involving politics have never forgotten to mock Trump. Of course, while trying his best to ridicule Trump, he is not blindly fond of the Democratic Party. As long as there are people from the Democratic Party in "War of the Bone", the plot will be unbearable, procrastinating, and I don't know what it is talking about.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and was elected president of the United States. Across the Pacific Ocean, we can all feel the resentment of the American elite. Various versions of legends have begun to circulate in the world, especially in China, the country of "gossip". After Trump completely offended the Chinese, the popularity has never been reduced.

Of course, an important fuse of Hillary's failure was the "Mailgate" incident, which is still covered with a thin layer of fog. Why is it thin, not thick, that is, Hillary was not innocent in the Mailgate incident The reason why it became a mystery is that at the same time when the email door broke out, Russia, an imaginary enemy that Americans could not restrain, was always accompanied by American politics, so this incident was defined by the Democratic Party as the cause of its failure. Summarizing and summarizing, the event that can be grasped is just this matter.

The problem is that the director of the FBI was appointed by Obama, and there has been controversy over whether the FBI was selfish. The problem is that he did not compromise with Trump later, and was opened by Trump. It can be seen that it is more difficult to define who is right and who is wrong.

This American drama is based on this big background.

It may even be difficult to draw conclusions because of the sensitive issues involved, especially during the new round of US elections. So, in the end, the pot was left to the Russians.

As a work of political themes, the overall quality and content are still good, and it can be regarded as an excellent drama. The premise is that you first need to understand the background of some events in the play, which may help you digest some of the information in the play.

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